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Post by: trangtrang | 20/10/2022 | 339 reads

National Women's Day on October 20th has arrived amidst the chilly air of autumn weather. To honor this occasion with the women but also all people who are part of the S-shaped nation, the students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School have organized meaningful and memorable activities. Join Ams Wide Web and find out what the different classes did on Vietnamese Women's Day!

Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20th has always been an opportunity for us to express our love and gratitude to the women around us, to our grandmothers, our mothers, our female friends and our “second mothers” - the teachers who have been constantly with us in our intellectual path. Unlike the school year 2021-2022, which was heavily affected by COVID-19, Amsers on National Women's Day this year were able to celebrate this occasion offline.

At class 10 Biology, the male students arranged some intriguing activities to congratulate the girls on the occasion of October 20. The students expressed their gratitude and affection for the girls through little “puzzle stops”. Anh Duc of 10 Biology who took part in organizing the event said: "At first, when I heard that we would only have the class eat together, I was quite shocked because it was so simple and our class has many girls to add into that; the day for special people must be celebrated in a special way, right? So I came up with the idea to let the girls "move around" a bit, and so a small “treasure hunt”  was born. We have been hastily preparing the special day, from coming up with questions related to Biology, preparing the gifts, to seeing where the cards should be placed that would make it special. In the end, everything went extremely smoothly. As a matter of fact, when I entered the class to announce the game, I was delighted, and when all the girls had left, we blew the balloons and decorated the place with these. It took us blood, sweat and tears, but seeing that the girls are impressed and delighted, I was very touched. Love you guys so much!”

The flowers were arranged by the boys of class 10 Biology in the botanical garden as a part of the quiz

Nguyen Khanh Linh, a female student of the class sent thanks to her boy classmates: “During the party to celebrate Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20th that the boys in my class organized yesterday, I was truly startled and moved. We walked around the school deciphering the code and had a good time. The boys had arranged cards and flowers for each of us, which made everyone feel special. Thank you so much for your time and devotion; this makes me adore and feel proud of our class even more. I’m also looking forward to spending more time with you guys.”

In middle school, the students also organized a lot of fascinating activities. The Amsers of class 9B not only congratulated the girls but also learned about Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20th. After a brief introduction to the history of October 20th, the boys held a minigame to guess the girls' names through questions with the ultimate line being “Happy Vietnamese Women's Day”. Khanh Chi, a student of the class, said: “I was very touched! Although the time for preparation was short, it was really amazing. The boys were also very subtle in remembering so many details about the girls in our class. I feel so loved.”

The male students of class 9B made a crossword game to celebrate 20/10

Students from all classes of the school also arranged very interesting activities to express their love and gratitude towards their teachers.

9 Manchester students taking photos with their home teacher on 20/10

Class Math 2 2225 celebrating October 20th

10 History students with their home teacher

The girls of class 10 Chemistry 2 2225 in the 20/10 party

The girls and home teacher of 10 Oxford

10 Literature and 10 Physics 2 working together to celebrate 20/10

10 Russian celebrating October 20th in a cute and cozy atmosphere

Vietnamese Women's Day on October 20th has passed but surely memories of this special day will remain in the hearts of Amsers. In the jubilant atmosphere of October 20, the Website’s editorial board would like to send our best wishes to the female teachers, girls and women of Vietnam. We hope that they can become more confident, happier and more successful in the future.

Translator: Trần Lê Tuệ Anh - English 1 2225

Photo: Provided by the classes