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Hanoi - Amsterdam High School Students Receive Technology Talent Training Scholarships

Post by: webams | 31/01/2024 | 852 reads

On January 26, Samsung Vietnam officially launched the STEM membership program to search for and train technological talents. This marks the first time the program has been implemented in Vietnam.


STEM membership is a program that discovers and trains outstanding high school students in the field of science in various countries, aiming to create a future workforce in technology.

In Vietnam, the program has been implemented since June 2023, attracting a significant number of high school students in registration. The program has selected 10 outstanding students, including 4 from the High School for the Gifted in Natural Sciences at Hanoi National University, 3 from the HNUEHigh School for the Gifted, and 3 from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted.

The three outstanding students from Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted received scholarships are Nguyen Phuc Nguyen - Computer Science ('23 - '26), Nguyen Van Khue - (Computer Science '22 - '25), Pham Gia Nguyen - (Physics '22 - '25).

Principals from the High School for the Gifted in Natural Sciences at Hanoi National University, the HNUE High School for the Gifted, and Hanoi - Amsterdam High School attended the ceremony.

 Delegates visiting the STEM Membership Lab.

Participating students will receive advanced STEM training through courses applying STEM knowledge to creative projects, programming skills enhancement, and Korean language training. They also have the opportunity to attend seminars and experience the latest technology trends at Samsung and top universities in South Korea.

Choi Joo Ho, the CEO of Samsung Vietnam, shared that Samsung is committed to making significant efforts in training technology talents in Vietnam and aims to be a steadfast companion in the country's development. Currently, Samsung is implementing various youth development programs, such as the Solve for Tomorrow science and technology innovation competition, the Samsung innovation campus for technology talent development, the "S hub kids" technology space for STEM enthusiasts, and the "Samsung Talent" program in collaboration with universities.

Translator: Phuong Hanh Thuy Duong - English 1 ('22 - '25)