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Club Fair 2012 - Ams's rookies explore their new home

Post by: Mai Thành Sơn | 13/09/2012 | 6953 reads

In the afternoon of 16/08/2012, Club Fair – the unique features reflecting Amsers’ vibrancy and enthusiasm – successfully took place at Hà Nội – Amsterdam High School.

At the beginning of a school year, as a tradition, Club Fair is again held by Ams Advisor, one of the most long-lasting clubs of Hà Nội – Amsterdam High School so far. Club Fair is a meaningful event where almost all clubs gather to help Ams's newbies get an overview of extra-curricular activities at school.


To begin with, there were overwhelming performances of a dance group and Glee Ams.

This year, Club Fair was operated on a bigger scale with roughly 30 clubs. Every club had its own booth in the Grand Hall. Here, members of each club did not hesitate to show their colors with a view to leaving a first strong impression on new Amsers of 12-15 course.


“Headquarter” of Ams Advisor – the organizing board of Club Fair.

Attending Club Fair, Amsers 12-15 were forthwith impressed by Ams Advisor with its counseling programs, GHA with its distinguished orange uniform of Camp Blast and a bunch of other environment-related activities, HDC(Hanoi-Ams Dance Club) with not only charming but skilled moves and sexy sparkling outfits … Newcomers were also absorbed in their shared interest in Performing Arts with HAT and Glee Ams


A passionate Glee Ams


A HDC with a massive collection of awards

For those interested in writing and reading, School Website with AmsTV and Ams’ Radio, The Masterpiece and E-times Magazine would surely captivate you and never fall short of your expectations.  And those whose passions are sports would definitely stop by booths of the female football, male football, basketball, badminton …


School Website’s booth caught much attention with a luring greeting: “You are at the right place!”


The Masterpiece set up their own blue booth with “HN-Ams Guide Book” – the result of their commitment, sweat and tears


A cute Amser was giving a brief introduction of E-times Magazine – the one and only magazine at school whose focus is on studying abroad.


Visiting Baseball’s booth, everyone had a golden chance to try playing with the bats

The Cheer Squad made the audience go wild with their sexy choreography and the traditional motto “A-M-S. Ams is the best”. Rock Club was located right next to the cheer squad surrounded by guitars, drums and a group of outstanding students with strong personalities. Not so noisy was Debate Club’s booth which was decorated with cool bookmarks or Ams Culinary Club’s one which attracted Amsers 12-15 with its delicious cheese sticks and refreshing lemonade in this peak day of summer.


Super cool members of Debate Club


Ams Culinary Club started impressively with both tasteful and tasty dishes.

Besides, there were other clubs on display such as Physics & Youth Hà Nội – Amsterdam, Martial Arts, SOS Science… which greatly stroke Amsers 12-15 through common passions.


SOS – a club available dedicated only to “dangerous” students.

Also attributing to the success of this year’s Club Fair were Rock Club’s energetic “21 Guns”, Glee Ams’ “We are young” in accapella style, HAT’s harmonious “One Thing” and many other vigorous performances of Martial Arts, HDC and Cheer Squad. All made a thrilling Club Fair.


HDC’s dance stirred up the crowd


HAT heated the atmosphere with “One thing”


Cheer Squad’s stunning performance


Without a doubt, Amsers 12-15 were warmly welcome by their seniors with jaunty dances

With Club Fair 2012 to begin the new school year, let’s all hope that Amsers 12-15 will choose suitable activities and clubs in which they are willing to get engaged, and find the zest yet heartfelt love for teachers and friends in themselves.

Nguyễn Siêu (A1 1013)

Translator: Thái Bảo Ngọc (A1 11-14)