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Paper exchanging Day of Green Life 2024 - “Live green” with Amsers

Post by: webams | 31/01/2024 | 831 reads

On the afternoon of 10 - 11/01/2024, the main event “Paper exchanging Day” of the event series Green Life 2024: Heal The Shield of Green Hanoi Amsterdam (GHA) was organized at the A - B hall of the school. The event garnered great support thanks to the meaningful message the event organizing team wishes to spread, as well as enthusiastic participation from youths all over the city.

Green Hanoi Amsterdam (GHA) is the largest social and environmental club of Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the Gifted. After 15 years of continuous operation and growth in a variety of fields, GHA has been asserting its presence more and more, spreading positive values to young people, as well as our society. This is done through events such as “A Cozy Tet”, “Camp Blast”, “Code of Culture”, and of course, the annual Green Life event.

Used batteries collecting box at the event

Students bringing paper to exchange for gifts

Following the success of the last 11 years, this year, Green Life 2024 has officially returned with the theme “Heal The Shield”, with the “shield” being the Ozone layer of the Earth. Through the theme, the students hope to raise awareness on the matter of the increasingly concerning depletion of the Ozone layer. Simultaneously, the organizing team aims to play a role in encouraging our society  to protect our environment through more effective and practical actions.

An event organizer instructing a participant on how to exchange used batteries

Checking the papers’ weight

On Paper Exchanging Day, people can participate by collecting scrap paper and used batteries in exchange for lovely handmade goods such as keychains, canvas paintings, plant pots, and tote bags. All of which were prepared and decorated by the members of GHA.

Participants hand-picking handmade goods

Enthusiastic response to the event from many students

Le Chau Anh, a student of class 11 Chinese - Cohead Organizer of Green Life 2024 shared: “We chose the time close to Tet to organize Paper exchanging Day with the hope that this will not only be an opportunity for people to be motivated to clean their houses for the new year, but also to receive extremely lovely gifts and spread positive messages in our society.”. Vu Ngoc Hai Anh - a student of class 11 Chinese at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted shared after participating in Paper exchanging Day: "I really like growing succulents, so as soon as I heard about the event through a friend's introduction, I was very excited and called my family to collect paper and batteries to exchange for plants. I find the activity not only meaningful to me personally, but also gives my family the opportunity to clean the house for Tet and contribute to protecting the environment."

Fun games to stir up the atmosphere at the event

Lovely keychains prepared by the event organizers

Messages to the event organizers

Green Life 2024 has successfully ended with over 500kg of scrap paper collected, along with over 300 used batteries. The event organizing team hopes the event will give many students the opportunity to learn more about environmental issues, as well as acquire a deeper understanding about their responsibilities to themselves and the community. The Ams Wide Web Editorial Board hopes that GHA will continue to raise awareness on environmental protection and spread valuable messages to many more youths in the future. 

Author: Nguyen Diep Chi - Literature (‘23 - ‘26)

Translator: Le Quynh Anh - English (‘23 - ‘26)

Images: Provided by the organizers of Green Life 2024