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Post by: nhungvh | 20/07/2014 | 14045 reads

The logo of Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted is designed with the acronym of its official name: Hanoi – Amsterdam. Letter H stands for Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam - and letter A stands for Amsterdam – the capital of the Netherlands.


logo Ams

Letter H is stylized to form an ‘opening book’ with the idea: Hanoi-Amsterdam High School is an educational institution aiming to training gifted students in Hanoi in particular and in the whole country in general. Letter H, additionally, is seen as a foremast while letter A as a nib to express the notion that Hanoi-Amsterdam High School is a knowledge-intensive environment for students to study and be creative. The nib pointing upwards with the sharp top of letter A  - the first letter of the Alphabet - emphasizes that it is a school with all-consuming passion rising to be the best among High Schools for the Gifted nationwide and internationally. Moreover, the sharp top also implies a number of excellent academic achievements, innovative abilities, as well as continuous knowledge contributions, which are acknowledged not only by Vietnamese Society but also by others all over the world. Letter A with concave sides symbolizes ‘knowledge ship’ in full sails heading for the open sea.

The globe in the top right-hand corner represents the idea: the educational thought of the school is always open to approach that of the world; The students has achieved lots of distinctive results in various International Olympiads; The school has created exchanges and training co-operations with high schools, colleges, and a variety of organisations in the world; The school alumni are not only living and studying within Vietnam but also working and socializing in different countries.

The square logo is a perfect combination of basic symbols (the book, the nib, the school name, the globe) to form a coherent whole.

The colours: deep blue and white are used with the meaning: White represents the purity and innocence of the school age; whereas, deep blue embodies the school enthusiasm.

The logo creates an impression of a modern icon thanks to the simple but meaningful design which is suitable for resizing and printing on different materials.