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Ams’ Got Talent XVI Finale - Alemurity: Echoes of Nostalgia

Post by: webams | 31/01/2024 | 853 reads

On the evening of January 20th, 2024, the final round of Ams’ Got Talent Season 16 - Alemurity was officially held at Auditorium 700 of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Having surpassed challenging preliminary rounds, 8 of the best acts had been selected for the finale: Cheer Ams, Ams Crew, Hatkhongbietnhay, Lời đồn thị phi, Hanoi - Ams Rock Club, Tùy tâm, Egirls, and Baby Dragons. With the participation of hundreds of students, teachers, guests and media outlets, the Finale of Ams’ Got Talent (AGT) Season 16 was successfully organised, leaving audiences with unforgettable memories.


Ams’ Got Talent - also called AGT - is an annual event organised by the HCYU of Class 11 English 1 - Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Having been organised for 15 seasons, AGT has proved to be a playground for Amsers to explore and develop their talents in many fields. The program has achieved great success, bringing unforgettable moments to the school year. In 2023, Ams' Got Talent returned with the theme "Alemurity" - the train that takes Amsers back to an innocent youth, full of cherished dreams and ambitions. AGT Season 16 continued to promote the achievements of previous generations, providing an exciting platform for young talents to freely express their passions.

It would certainly be remiss not to mention the talented judges chairing the 8 finale performances. This year, the panel, including Merited Artist Cao Nguyệt Hằng, dancer Huy Khỉ, MC Trần Hải Sơn and singer Mylina, would not fail to deliver impressive, candid judgements to all contestants. 

The judge panel of Ams’ Got Talent XVI

The two MCs hosting the show

Opening the finale was a touching performance from the dance group Hatkhongbietnhay. Set in the troubled years of our country’s resistance wars against foreign invaders, the performance was choreographed according to the memories of a grandmother, following her journey from a young volunteer full of cheer and innocent love to a fighter assembling for war. Through graceful dances and heroic melodies, Hatkhongbietnhay successfully evoked the atmosphere of an era in the history of Vietnamese women in particular and Vietnamese people in general - an era brave, heroic, and painful.

The shirt’s green hue evoked much memories of a heroic, tempestuous era

Up next was an upbeat performance from the middle school dance group Baby Dragons. Young as they were, the dancers totally stirred up the air in Auditorium 700 with their powerful moves, excellent music, and stylish costumes. 

Captivating costumes and confident charisma - what left the deepest impressions among audiences

The third performance - the only play to feature in the finale - was presented by “Lời đồn thị phi'' from the club Life’s So Drama. This year’s play was steeped in history, centring on the patriotism of young people during the Resistance War against America. They were determined to volunteer to the front and sacrifice themselves for the sacred homeland, even if many among them had yet to finish school. Moreover, the play also gave a heart-wrenching depiction of the bond between mother and child, exemplified by the scene of a mother bidding her daughter off to war. And just like that, "Lời đồn thị phi" took the audience through an emotional rollercoaster, evoking a glorious chapter of our nation’s history.

The farewell scene was a brutally candid depiction of the tempestuous wartime years

Among the highlights of this year’s Ams Got Talent was Ams Crew’s 3-song mashup dance. Certainly, it is no exaggeration to say the breathtaking performance wowed the entire auditorium. The judge panel lavished compliments on the dance group and was astonished to learn that the mashup dance was choreographed by Amsers from start to finish. It was the immense teamwork of all club members, forged by days after days of diligent practice in the school hall, that culminated in this ‘perfect’ performance. And perhaps among their sweetest rewards was the passion for dancing sparked amongst all who witnessed the spectacle.

Ams Crew and their lovely dance!

In the wake of Ams Crew’s exuberance came the rock stars of Hanoi - Ams Rock Club. Despite the many challenges in practising and performing rock, the students gave it their all in the limelight, impressing audience members with brilliant musical virtuosity. The upbeat opening score “I’m Not Okay” stirred up the air with the spunk of a rebellious youth, while the club’s special rendition of the classic hit “Careless Whisper” left the auditorium breathless with its deftly interwoven chords, both old and new. This combo would certainly be the perfect recipe for a whole new appreciation of rock as a music genre among the audience.

It's the voice and style that makes the show worthwhile!

Among the highlights of this year’s AGT is the immensely meticulous spectacle  coming from the music club Glee Ams. This year marked their comeback through the band “Tùy tâm”. And via their two songs “Cầu Vĩnh Tuy” and “Dưới ánh đèn sân khấu”, Tùy tâm had sent the audience a heartfelt message about the passionate pursuit of the arts and the fervent desire to perform with the wholehearted faith and hope of students in their brightest school years. Aided by powerful vocals and virtuosic technique, Tùy tâm had skilfully led the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, earning much-deserved compliments from the judge panel.

The spectacular sound effects from the trio’s harmony

Next on the list is the dance group Egirls from the middle school grades. Their catchy K-pop soundtrack and unique choreography proved to be an immediate hit with the entire audience. And as the dancers’ red masks fell away in the midst of passionate dancing, their message about living true to one’s own dreams reverberated firmly in the packed hall.

The middle school dance group Egirls

The singer Mylina interacting with the audience

With energetic passion, technical expertise, and upbeat melodies, Cheer Ams doubtlessly left an indelible impression, both visually and musically. Their aerial acrobatics and professional moves earned endless praises from the judges, having brought much excitement among all audiences present in the auditorium.

The whole team had shed much sweat and tears for this epic performance

AGT Finale Top 5 

The 16th Ams' Got Talent Finale ended with a list of the top five contestants: Tùy tâm, Cheer Ams, Lời đồn thị phi, Hanoi - Ams Rock Club and Ams Crew. On behalf of AWW Editorial Board, we would like to congratulate all contestant groups for wholeheartedly delivering their performances and thank Class 11 English 1 (‘22 - ‘25) - AGT16 Organizing Committee for their meticulous, thoughtful preparation. Let's look forward to the Ams' Got Talent Season 16: Alemurity awards night to discover the contestant worthy of the Champion title!

Author: Nguyễn Vũ Cẩm Linh - Literature (‘23 - ‘26)

Photographer: Nguyễn Lê Quốc Anh - Physics (‘23 - ’26)

Translator: Dương Minh Uyên - English (‘23 - ‘26)