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[MOCK TRIAL 2023] The desire to promote justice conveyed through Puzzles Ams’ debate trial.

Post by: webams | 31/01/2024 | 1048 reads

Mock Trial is an annual event hosted by the club Puzzles Ams, simulating a Western trial following the proceedings of a real trial with judges, juries, lawyers, prosecutors and witnesses. The return of this year’s event marks the 10-year milestone of successful court seasons, creating an explosive and exciting opening to the 2023-2024 term.

During the previous 14th of January 2024, the Mock Trial court took place with careful and professional preparation, from the formatting to academic aspects of the trial court. Coming into its 10th year - an impressive and important number - the number of participants in the event has increased to 200. “We hope that the trial can put forward new and profound perspectives concerning debate and law through this event, bringing in valuable knowledge and laying a sturdy foundation for further interest and research into the aforementioned topics,” shared the Head of the Organizing Committee, Le Ha Chau. 

Head of the Organizing Committee Le Ha Chau giving the opening speech

The Mock Trial court of 2023 delves into the reality of cheating in exams, cleverly integrating this persistent issue into an extremely unique and theatrical case: the three main characters Anne Marcus, Pat Harding and Alex Johnson are all Excellent-ranked English majors at Clearwater High School. After a contest for a scholarship from the Distinguished Writers Fund, Anne  discovered that Pat and Alex had cheated when overhearing them discuss how to dispose of the exam questions they had obtained earlier. Anne threatened she would report the issue to the School Administrators unless Pat and Alex turned themselves in, and so on Sunday the 7th of June, the two conspired to gather where Anne would frequent for mountaineering to discuss their confession. However, Anne’s body was discovered drifting ashore from the small Southern coast littered with suspicious injuries the following morning.

The witnesses, lively in their discussion about the trial

At this simulated trial, the Defense attorney and the Prosecution will consist of members of the Specialist’s Board of Puzzles Ams. Both sides will utilize their understanding and knowledge concerning the case to conceive of convincing arguments to either accuse or defend the main character. Participating in the event are also witnesses of each side and 12 members from the debate clubs of high schools for the gifted in the city taking on their respective roles as the Jury. This year, the court was lucky to be accompanied by Doan Trang Anh - a talented and experienced judge who has worked alongside the Mock Trial event for many seasons of operation. 

Doan Trang Anh, a fair and wise judge

In the end, with their eloquent arguments and commendable skills in debate, the Prosecution achieved their victory with a tally of 8-4 from the members of the Jury, as well as the complete affection of the witnesses with the title of “Most beloved team”. Furthermore, with her confident and fluent performance, Tran Dieu Linh received the award for “Best Witness” and it was Nguyen Linh Chi from the Prosecution side who gained the title of “Most Excellent Speaker” by a landslide vote.

The organizers awarding certificates to the victorious team

The Mock Trial court has brought to its spectators a practical, interesting and useful experience. The event garnered the support of not only the debate community and high school students from all throughout the capital, but also of the parents as well. “This is the first time I’ve attended a simulated court session performed so carefully and professionally. I was quite surprised and impressed by the clarity and coherence as well as the calm, confident demeanor of the Lawyers. Moreover, I also particularly enjoyed the performance of the Prosecution with their sharp reasoning and arguments,” conveyed a parent present at the trial session.

The witnesses sharing their memorable experiences at the Mock Trial

On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, we would like to congratulate Puzzles Ams on a successful and smooth-sailing Mock Trial court session! We hope that in future seasons of the event, the clubs will persist in upholding their precision and professionalism as well as the passionate attitude of previous generations in order to continue spreading the passion for debate towards the community!

Author: Dang Nguyen Trang - Literature (‘23 - ‘26)

Images: Provided by Puzzles Ams

Translator: Nguyen Ngoc Anh - English 1 (‘23 - ‘26)