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Post by: trangtrang | 31/08/2022 | 539 reads

With a view to giving new students of the school a warm welcome as well as informing them about useful information of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted — where they will soon frequent for the next three school years — yesterday (August 27th, 2022), Orientation Day 2022 Amsers' Playlist was successfully held on a bright and sunny Saturday, attracting more than 700 attending Amsers of class 2225.

Orientation Day (Vietnamese: Ngày Định hướng ) is an annual activity organized by the Executive Committee of the Extended Youth Union of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School.

Orientation Day 2022’s theme: Amsers' Playlist

After 8 marvelous seasons with themes such as Crash Landing On Ams (2020), Now You See Ams (2021) and most recently, Amser Playlist (2022), Orientation Day has always been an unforgettable starting point for Amsers’ 1000- day experience at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. Here is where the students will be equipped with the first “bag of information” to prepare for their upcoming three memorable school years at Ams.

At exactly 7:30 AM, August 27th, the students can be seen flooding the schoolyard with cheers of excitement and eagerness to enter their journey of 1000 days at Ams. Soon after, they left the schoolyard and gathered in each classroom to participate in activities with their homeroom teachers.

Amsers of class 2225 assembled in the schoolyard by class unit

At 8:20 AM, the new Amsers had the opportunity to meet and greet their homeroom teachers who will be accompanying them throughout their 3 years of high school.

At 9:50 AM, more than 700 Amsers of classes 2225 congregated in the Hall 700 to prepare for the program’s upcoming series of exciting activities.

Amsers attentively watching the “Pride of Hanoi - Amsterdam” ceremony in the Hall 700

The ceremony commenced with the greeting performance of “Pride of Hanoi - Amsterdam”, consisting of Cheer Ams Club’s cheer dance, the song “Hello Vietnam” performed by Ha Chi from Glee Ams Club, and the performance “Hanoi - Amsterdam’s Tradition” carried out by the school’s dance team.

Performances from the school’s art team

In addition to the welcoming performances, Amsers also got to watch a documentary film introducing the school, helping them understand the meaning behind the Hanoi - Amsterdam school uniform during the uniform runway, as well as learning the message embedded in the school’s logo. Their burning love for the school must have been ignited in the hearts of Amsers by this film.

At around 11 AM, the morning program came to its end with a speech by Ms. Tran Thuy Duong — the school’s principal — and the lessons on the school’s anthem organized by Glee Ams Club.

At 11:30 AM, the morning part of the Orientation Day 2022 program officially ended, the students had lunch and got rest to get ready for the afternoon activities.

The volunteers of Orientation Day: Amsers’ Playlist guiding their respective classes on a tour around the school

After the lunch break, at 1:30 PM, all classes were taken on an “adventure” where students could know more about their new school, with its first stop at the multi-purpose axis. 

In this activity, the students went on a tour around the school to admire the beauty of various major places and facilities at Ams. Then, they arrived one-by-one at the function rooms of the event, such as the study room, the extracurricular room or the action room. Each was hosted by speakers who are upper class students at Ams.



The speakers enthusiastically engaged with the students in different rooms

At 3:45 PM, Orientation Day 2022 officially ended. All the students then made their ways towards Club Fair to experience and learn more about the numerous clubs of the school before finally leaving for home.


Class photos taken at the A-B lobbies

All in all, Orientation Day 2022: Amsers’ Playlist had imprinted many memories in the hearts of Amsers participating in the event. Hopefully, the program has provided them with the necessary knowledge about Ams and ignited enthusiasm and love for Hanoi - Amsterdam. This will be a solid starting point for these students to be ready for the next 1000 days being a part of the school’s wondrous legacy and tradition.

Reporter: Nguyễn Lan Hương - History 2023

Translator: Tran Linh Ngan - English 2124

Image source: BTC Orientation Day 2022