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6th Grade Orientation Day 2022-2026: The pride that is “Hà Nội – Amsterdam”

Post by: trangtrang | 28/08/2022 | 482 reads

“Orientation Day” is a traditional event organized at the start of each new school year to welcome new members into the grand family of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School. With a view of familiarizing sixth graders with the new environment, in the morning of 27/8, the programme “Proudly Hà Nội - Amsterdam” took place. Thanks to this, students have gotten acquainted with Hanoi - Amsterdam High School and its core values under the guidance of teachers and students from The Executive Board of School Youth Union, serving as the first step into adapting to a new learning environment and exploring school clubs tailored to their needs and interests.

Under the guidance and organization of the School Board, the Teachers’ Communist Youth Union, the Central Committee of the School, the Steering Committee of the Union, the 2022 Orientation Day programme called “Proudly Hà Nội - Amsterdam” has been carried out with many lively activities to help new Hanoi - Amsterdam High School students get acquainted with school activities, the curricula and teachers.

The programme started at 7:30 AM; new students were guided by volunteers, standing in queue at the designated position of their class. They will be given badges and colorful ribbons from the organizers. In the flag ceremony, they had the chance to get to know their head teachers accommodating them in the upcoming years.

After the flag ceremony, students moved to the Auditorium 700, where they were warmly greeted by an art performance from the “Proudly Hanoi - Amsterdam” programme into the new school.

Art performance from “Proudly Hà Nội - Amsterdam”

Thanks to this programme, students could explore Hanoi – Amsterdam High School's development history and the meaning behind the uniform and logo.

Students standing solemnly wearing Hanoi - Amsterdam High School's uniform

After that, they got to watch a short introduction documentary about the school to equip themselves with knowledge of its location, development history, development, achievements and core values. These are photos of some simple, lovely yet meaningful and proud moments of the beloved school where they will be spending their four years studying and growing. In addition, Tran Thuy Duong – Party Secretary  and Principal of the school also delivered a speech, expressing her excitement to once again welcome another generation of students to the beloved Hanoi - Amsterdam grand family after more than 30 years devoting herself to Hanoi - Amsterdam High School.

During the ceremony, students were not only introduced to the proud traditions and achievements of their predecessors but also had different and new experiences with Hanoi - Amsterdam High School.

In the afternoon, students were guided by volunteers to the Academic Room, then the Extracurricular Room. In the Academic Room, they got to hear from academically excellent students who ranked high in national and international contests who shared their learning tips and answered questions related to studying. In the Extracurricular Room, students had the chance to be exposed to numerous interesting activities during the school year: Tet Festival, Mid Autumn Festival, Ams Cup, Pandorams, Orientation Day, etc.

Students paying close attention to the KOLs' words

The Academic Room's speakers

From this, students could get an overview of all the activities in the school as well as enjoying lively performances from art clubs and acquiring tips on how to balance between extracurricular activities and studying.

One of the art performances by the Cheer Ams club


The enticing music performance by Cầm Ca club

One of the most popular activities among the new students was the “Geography Tour”, where volunteers helped them understand and not get overwhelmed by the size of the school for the next 4 years.

Excited new Amsers joining in the Geography Tour

At the end of the event, students would take part in Club Fair 2022: Pair-a-dice, exploring school clubs and receiving gifts from older members of these clubs, such as cards, brochures or posters. These first few moments at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School will forever stay in their hearts for years to come.

Club Fair 2022: Pair-a-dice

Needless to say, in the heat of excitement and joy of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School's students and teachers, Orientation Day has been a success. Sixth graders in the school year of 2022 - 2023 have surely had a good time at Hà Nội – Amsterdam High School’s Orientation Day. May each passing day at Hanoi-Amsterdam School in the future be a joy to these students.

Translator: Nguyen Ngoc Khoi Nguyen - English 2 2023