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Welcoming repertoire "Melodies of Youth" for the National Union Congress from Cam Ca Club

Post by: trangtrang | 03/10/2022 | 615 reads

Established in 2019, Cam Ca Club aims to spread their passion and increase awareness of Vietnam’s ethnic music to young people. On September 27, Cam Ca represented the Executive Committee of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted’s Youth Union to participate in the "Melodies of Youth" contest through traditional tunes based on the song “Youth’s Duty.”

To welcome the 12th National Youth Union Congress, the Executive Committee of the Hanoi Youth Union has launched the contest "Melodies of Youth", attracting large attention from Youth Union members, artists and many people in the capital. With the participation of Cam Ca Club, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School has officially made its way to the contest!

Cam Ca Club represents the school union’s Exco at the contest

In the form of a music video, Cam Ca introduced the song "Youth’s Duty" tinted with folk elements coming from ethnic musical instruments: Tran Truc Quan with the erhu, Le Ha Thu with the gourd and Dang Tuan Anh with the bamboo flute. The three friends represented Vietnamese youths, full of eagerness to study, practice and devote to the flourishing Fatherland!

Tran Truc Quan, Le Ha Thu and Dang Tuan Anh - the three key figures of the club

The under-5-minutes-long video was recorded mainly at the Hanoi flagpole - where the three students performed their music live. On top of that, the memorable images documenting their journey of spreading traditional values ​​during Cam Ca's previous year is the highlight of the video as well. The most notable event of which is "Mass Music Education" - where club members teach others how to play ethnic musical instruments, which has made its name within the community of chamber arts enthusiasts.

"Mass Music Education" through the lens of the media

“While we were recording and videotaping the whole thing, my friends and I were very excited. We put a lot of emotions and thoughts into every note because we believe that music will bridge the gap and convey the spirit of Vietnamese youth - daring in the face of difficulties, unafraid of suffering. Through the contest, I want to help empower Ams students and Vietnamese youth in general. Be proud of yourselves because Amsers always have a kind of youth energy, ability and wisdom that can be harnessed to contribute to society. Vietnamese youth are united, vigorous and talented, so no matter where we are or which path you take, let us still endow our homeland with our best and most beautiful kindness.” - Le Ha Thu talked to Ams Wide Web about the process of participating in the contest.

The pride of the “Youths in Blue” is the ultimate message Cam Ca wants to convey through their work

In today's modern society, preserving and spreading national cultural heritage has been the top priority of our young people. To help them complete this noble mission, please join Ams Wide Web’s Editorial Board to vote for Cam Ca Club’s performance - representing the steadfast spirit and enthusiasm of the students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School!

Translator: Phương Hạnh Thùy Dương - English 1 2225

Photo: Provided by Cam Ca Club