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AMSCAPES: The Flip-book page that captures the days of youth in the heart of every Amser

Post by: trangtrang | 13/05/2023 | 502 reads

On May 10, Amscapes (part of the Executive Committee of the Open School Delegation) successfully held the main event with the theme of Flip-book - paintings painted by beautiful school years. This is a remarkable event at the end of the school year to help Amsers keep memories through meaningful activities, thereby growing a bigger love and understanding of their teachers and friends.

Amscapes is divided into five activity zones: Interactive Zone, Handmade Zone, Exhibition Zone, Photo Booth and Escapes room. Coming to the event, participants can experience interesting activities such as writing notes, making plaster, stringing rings, decrypting letters.

Areas of activity in Amscapes

The MCs introducing the program

In the Interactive area, Amsers can share their memories and experiences completely anonymously. Each individual story will be a “puzzle piece” to complete a vivid picture of thoughts and feelings with the school. This is also one of the areas that attracts the largest number of participants at the event.

Next is the Workshop and Booth for photography. Amsers can freely create lovely handmade items with friends or have meaningful souvenir photos. No less special is the Picture Exhibition. These are artistic products that show the talent, enthusiasm and above all, the love of the Amsers. Each painting and photo has recreated a corner of Ams with a lot of nostalgia.

Lovely items from the Handmade area

Participants taking souvenir photos at the Booth

The most exciting activity is probably the Escape room area. Inspired by the decryption game, the organizers have integrated into the game the characteristics of teachers and people here, making it an interesting and meaningful activity bearing the imprint of Ams. Participants will be able to participate in two playrooms with dramatic storylines and mysterious secrets that require social knowledge, acumen as well as teamwork during puzzles.

“Coming to the game Escape room, my friends and I were extremely impressed by the way the organizers built the plot as well as the codes cleverly plugged in the game room. The secret letters are quite difficult, making us think for a long time to be able to break the lock and find the treasure. Through this game, I can relax after stressful classes as well as having more memories with everyone with Ams” - A participant said after experiencing the game.

Escape room area

Participation of Cheer Ams Club and Ams Crew

“I'm thrilled to be the Head of Organizing for Amscapes. The event helped me make a lot of new friends, gain more experience when experiencing an important role. Above all, through Amscapes, I feel the enthusiasm and love for Ams in the hearts of each student here. That will be the motivation for me to keep trying and trying harder.” - Mr. Nguyen Viet Tien (Head of Amscapes Organizing Committee) shared.

A school year is gradually coming to an end, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of the Amsers. With that in mind, Amscapes has been able to organize a successful and meaningful event for each student. What about you? What is your most memorable thing from the last school year?

Translator: Nguyễn Ngọc Khôi Nguyên - English 2 2023