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Opening Ceremony of Solve for Tomorrow 2023: "For the future of Vietnam's youth"

Post by: trangtrang | 16/04/2023 | 100 reads

On April 12, Samsung Vietnam Complex, Samsung Vina Electronics Company and Successful Vietnam Youth  Organization (JA Vietnam) officially launched the contest “Solve for Tomorrow 04” at Hall 2023, Hanoi - Amsterdam Specialized High School. The opening ceremony was extremely successful, marking the fifth year the contest was held in Vietnam.

Solve for Tomorrow 2023 Vietnam Opening Ceremony

In 2010, with the slogan "Together for Tomorrow! Enabling People"), Samsung Corporation initiated the “Solve for Tomorrow” contest to encourage students to apply STEM knowledge to create solutions to existing problems in their local area or society in general. In Vietnam, the contest has attracted a large number of middle and high school students across the country to participate, although it has only started to be held since 2019. In this year's 2023 Solve for Tomorrow season, the competition is expected to welcome twice as many participants as in 2022.

The ceremony is honored to welcome Ms. Ngo Thi Minh – Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Education and Training; Mr. Choi Joo Ho – General Director of Samsung Vietnam Complex, Mr. Kim Yong Sup – Deputy General Director in charge of External Affairs of Samsung Vietnam; Ms. Tran Thuy Duong – Principal of Hanoi - Amsterdam Specialized High School; Ms. Doan Bich Ngoc – Managing Director of JA Vietnam. Besides, there are hundreds of students and teachers from middle and high schools.

Delegates and distinguished guests attending the kick-off ceremony

At the event, Mr. Choi Joo Ho - General Director of Samsung Vietnam said: “Financial talent development is laying the foundation for the development of the country. In particular, in the modern era, developing technology talents is the key for countries to prosper and become developed countries. Samsung took the initiative to  implement the Solve For Tomorrow program to support Vietnam's leap to a technology nation. Not only facilitating economic development such as contributing 20-25% to Vietnam's export turnover, Samsung also wishes to contribute to fostering technology talents, thereby increasing Vietnam's fundamental competitiveness.”

General Director of Samsung Vietnam - Mr. Choi Joo Hoo expressed a few words about Samsung's orientation

With that desire, this year's Solve for Tomorrow 2023 will be held on a large scale. Specifically, the number of participants is expected to double compared to the 2022 exam with 140,000 students and teachers registering and 2,000 taking the exam from middle and high schools across the country. Besides, the size of the prize has also increased beyond measure. It is known that the total value of this year's prize can be up to 8 billion VND with many attractive award categories. In particular, Samsung will sponsor the school whose team won the first prize in a functional classroom – STEM Lab worth more than 1 billion VND to improve the quality of teaching and learning.

This year's season is scheduled to run for 7 months, starting from April 12, 04 through November 2023, 11. Along with that, the competition will be divided into two groups: Group A for secondary and Group B for high school; Each team will consist of one direct teacher, a minimum of 2 students and a maximum of 4 students. Teams will have to go through 2 challenging rounds: round 4 - online training and submission, round 3 - product development, round 1 - final. Over the course of three rounds, contestants will apply their knowledge of STEM and design thinking to find and realize creative solutions to solve social or local problems.

In addition, there will also be special seminars across the country for the competition for TOP 40 teams. The teams will be trained and guided directly by a team of expert advisors including qualified experts and Samsung employees. This is a valuable opportunity for candidates to hone useful soft skills.

Ms. Ngo Thi Minh - Deputy Minister of Education and Training spoke at the ceremony

At the event, Ms. Ngo Thi Minh - Deputy Minister of Education and Training also had a few words: "Through practical experience activities in the competition, students not only have the opportunity to improve the necessary knowledge and soft skills in their personal development but also improve their confidence and initiative in the process of choosing and finding the right job for myself." She also said that this is an extremely necessary contest and hoped that the contest would be successfully held, achieving many brilliant results with many impressive projects. In addition, it also aims to nurture the dreams of young generations with a passion for science and technology and spreads positive values to develop their communities and localities.

Fifth Solve for Tomorrow season kickoff ceremony

At the end of the ceremony, students attending the launching ceremony were able to participate in some interesting redemption games such as Bluetooth Kick, Tictacstem, or Fe Touch. In addition, they also discussed with members from Schannel - a Vietnamese Media company that started as a Technology news channel - and recorded unforgettable experiences.

Translator: Nguyễn Ngọc Khôi Nguyên - English 2 2023


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