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[MI12’23] The Musical Show: Three Years of Youth written in lyrics and melodies.

Post by: trangtrang | 12/05/2023 | 613 reads

Summer is approaching, along with the chirping of cicadas in the bushes and the blooming of phoenix flowers. And perhaps, this brilliant red is the premonition for the moment of farewell? To Amsers of 20-23, the time under the Hanoi - Amsterdam roof is gradually decreasing, the countdown numbers are getting smaller and smaller, and the picture of youth is finally completing with some last strokes. Sketching on the adolescent page with vibrant melodies and lyrics as well as layers of nostalgia and lingering emotions, the 12th-grade students joined hands to create a beautiful and unforgettable memory through the Musical Show before bidding farewell to their beloved school.

Noon, May 10th, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, the Musical Show of the event “Made in 12: Ký họa” was held. Amsers lost themselves to the melodies and lyrics and created long-lasting memories at the end of 1000 days at Ams for 12th graders. Sweet lyrics, pretty melodies, and vivacious dance moves— all of them encapsulate the youthful school years of Amsers 20-23.

Opening the show was a dance performance to the song “Fashion tán gái” (Flirt fashion) to enliven the atmosphere. Each attractive dance step was meticulously planned by the students, and the audience was left entirely breathless.

The graceful dance moves performed by 12th-grade students.

Afterwards were melodious and emotional songs, performed by Amsers of the year 20-23.

The song “Xuân hạ thu đông rồi lại xuân” (Spring, summer, autumn, winter then spring again) sung by the harmonious duo: Thuc Anh - Phuc Anh.

The song “Từ ngày em đến” (Ever since you came) by the honeyed voice of the 20-23 Amsers.

The song “Tháng mấy em nhớ anh” (In which month do you miss me) by Nam Khanh.

Dinh Phong and Duc Anh in the duet “Bông hoa đẹp nhất” (Most beautiful flower).

The 12th graders showing their impressive singing talent.

After many heartfelt moments, the Musical Show exploded with the rap song “Bad trip”, the song “Smells like teen spirit”, and dynamic dances on the beat of “Cua”. The 12th-graders were rewarded with gasps of admiration for their impressive performances.

The cool rap of “Bad trip” enamoring the audience.

The audience joyously immersing themselves in the melodies of the Musical Show.

The event closed its curtain with a dance performance on the song “Có hẹn với thanh xuân” (A date with youth). With a gentle melody and capturing dance moves, the performance ended the Musical Show on a perfect note.

The cute and jolly but also nostalgia-packed dance moves by 12th-grade students.

Amsers of the year 20-23 taking a group photo at the end of the show.

The Musical Show came to an end, leaving an aftertaste of bitter-sweetness. This was a beautiful memory, a deep and unforgettable impression for 20-23 Amsers before leaving their beloved school. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, we wish the event “Made In 12: Ký họa” — the Appreciation and Coming-of-age Ceremony of 12th-graders — be successful and well-rounded. May all Amsers of the year 20-23 embark on a new journey full of luck, excitement, and achievements!

Translator: Tran Linh Ngan - English 21-24