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[MI12'23]: Made In 12 2020-2023: Ký họa

Post by: trangtrang | 08/05/2023 | 540 reads

With the aim to thank the teachers as well as keeping records of beautiful and memorable moments of students, “Made In 12” (MI12) is a series of activities organized annually on a large scale by students of grade 12 of Hanoi Amsterdam Specialized High School. Made in 12 program includes main activities such as “Word Festival”, “Red Font Week”, “Ao Dai Day”, “Teacher's Day”, “Appreciation and Growth Ceremony”, etc. After 12 years of successful operation, MI12'23 has returned with an impressive theme: “Ký họa” (Sketching) and many new activities, promising an exciting and enthusiastic event of the Amsers in the school year 2020-2023.

Made In 12 was officially launched on March 24 under the leadership of talented and creative Amsers 3-20. The theme chosen by the students for MI23 this year is: “Ký họa” with the desire to depict the picture of youth in 12 brilliant, vibrant and enthusiastic days under the roof of the beloved Hanoi - Amsterdam school.

In particular, this year's MI12 event series also offer unprecedented interesting activities such as “A thousand wishes” – the activity of sending dreams and aspirations in the wish vase; “Acrylic Day” – a place to save the unique features of Amsers 20-23 through colorful fingerprints or “The Memories Opened” – a festival to preserve memories through lovely photos. In addition to new experiences, the program also includes activities that have turned into rituals and indispensable of Made In 12 such as “Teacher’s Day” – an activity to connect teachers and students through unique challenges, “Word Festival”, “Red Font Week” and “Appreciation and Growth Ceremony” – the emotional ceremony of the upcoming Amsers had to fly the nest of HN-Ams.

The brilliantly youthful picture of the Amsers 20-23 under the roof of HN-Ams is gradually being highlighted in the final colors; in a short time, they will officially leave HN-Ams and embark on a new journey full of excitement and promise. The Made In 12 event series is not only a program marking a milestone of growth but also a place to preserve precious memories during 1000 days at Ams of Amsers 20-23. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, we wish the Made In 12 event of the 2020-2023 school year great success.

Translator: Nguyễn Ngọc Khôi Nguyên - English 2 2023

Image: From Facebook Page: Made In 12 20-23: Ký Họa