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[MI12'23] Ao Dai Festival 2023: The last Strokes of youth

Post by: trangtrang | 21/04/2023 | 472 reads

The Ao Dai Festival was held at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted at noon on April 19 with the presence of  all Amsers to preserve the final memories of 12th-grade students before saying farewell to our beloved school. The most lovely memories have been captured in photographs picturing carefree smiles, the flowing folds of ao dai, and a bright blue sky.

The Ao Dai Festival is part of the event “Made in 12: Ký Họa” - a Graduation ceremony for 12th graders (class of 2020 - 2023) at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. As its name suggests, the Ao Dai Festival is when senior students can wear either the elegant white ao dai or a solemn suit. The nostalgia and excitement was captured in film with each flashlight.

Just a smile but it’s so much more!

During the Ao Dai Festival, the 10th and 11th graders also joined their seniors to add finishing touches. Different clubs also took photos to pay tribute to their seniors. Nguyen Ngoc Chau (12 History) told Ams Wide Web Reporter, “This joy makes me extremely nostalgic because I'm about to be “kicked out” of school! (Laughs) It's weird that it was pouring just a few days ago and yet today it's so sunny, which makes me want to gaze at our school forever.”

As summer approaches, white and black dotted the sunlit Ams Arena for hours. “Those who are apart find each other again, capturing moments like it's the last piece of string holding them together,” said Ngo Luu Ha My (11 Literature).

Isn't it true when they say that fresh flowers are more beautiful than silk or soap ones because people know they will fade one day? This moment isn’t going to last forever either, so cherish it, my friend!

The Ao Dai Festival has come, but it seems that all the laughter and tears still linger. The Editorial Board wishes the 12th grade students a wonderful Graduation Ceremony. We wish you all the best on your future journey, that you will achieve your life goals, and that you will never stop being proud of Hanoi - Amsterdam. Because “Once Amser, Forever Amser”, and this gate will always be open to welcome you back.

Translator: Trần Lê Tuệ Anh - English 1 2225