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[CELEBRATING VIETNAMESE TEACHER'S DAY] Ceremony commemorating Vietnamese Teachers' Day on November 20th

Post by: webams | 29/11/2023 | 221 reads

On November 20th, at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, a program commemorating Vietnamese Teachers' Day took place with the participation of former faculty members, teachers, and representatives of students' parents. The event unfolded in a warm and emotionally charged atmosphere.

The ceremony began with a remarkable and impressive performance program. The singing and dancing medley of "Bụi phấn" (Chalk dust) and "Bài học đầu tiên" (The first lesson) retained their distinctive traditional sounds, evoking memories and sentiments of students towards their teachers. Concluding the program was a graceful dance performance titled "Việt Nam quê hương tôi" (Vietnam, my homeland) by former educational staff. Adorned in traditional áo dài and conical hats, the female teachers conveyed their deep love and boundless pride for the country and its landscapes.

An impressive performance of “Người gieo mầm xanh”

The students, graceful in their lotus-patterned ao dais

The teachers in “Việt Nam quê hương tôi”

In the statement of purpose, the host quoted, "Education is the key to unlocking the door to the future, and teachers are the ones holding the key to that door." Indeed, teaching has long been considered "the noblest profession, as it creates creative individuals," and the saying "tôn sư trọng đạo” (respect the teacher, respect the principles) is a long-standing tradition in Vietnamese culture. As an annual tradition for people across the S-shaped land and specifically for students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, November 20th is an occasion to express gratitude to teachers - those who contribute their minds and hearts to the glorious yet challenging field of education. The event was attended by former school administrators, retired educators, current teachers, and representatives of parents of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School students.

Former faculty members attending the ceremony

Delegates attending the ceremony

In her welcoming speech, Mrs. Tran Thuy Duong - Party Secretary and Principal of the school - stated that "good teachers are unsung heroes" because they carry the lofty mission of imparting knowledge, love, and inspiration to students. She also emphasized that while past generations of educators laid the foundation, current generations of teachers have turned educational challenges into opportunities for innovation. Thus, Hanoi - Amsterdam continues to maintain its leading position in the capital's education system. Ms. Tran Thuy Duong expressed her emotions, hoping that November 20th would be a day to honor the contributions and strengthen the bond of camaraderie among the generations of teachers at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. 

Mrs. Trần Thùy Dương–Party Secretary and Principal of the school–in her speech

The video "Hanoi - Amsterdam: Formation and Development Journey" brought back images of the school, from its early days on Nam Cao Street in a cozy environment, with a small campus and old speakers playing music, to the modern and splendid space on Hoang Minh Giam Street. Over 38 years, the school has witnessed numerous changes, but the spirit and love for Hanoi - Amsterdam continue to flow in the hearts of everyone who has been and is a member of this warm home.

Student Tran Ngoc Phuong Giang - Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of the school, on behalf of all students, expressed deep gratitude to the teachers. Phuong Giang shared, "Being an 'Amser' is the joy and pride of all students, studying in a modern and humane educational environment, being taught and cared for by teachers and friends." Despite moments of frustration and impatience, every Amser always has sincere love for teachers and the Hanoi - Amsterdam school. Phuong Giang's warm words touched the hearts of every audience member in the hall, demonstrating genuine affection for teachers and the school.

Next was the announcement of commendations, awards, and the presentation of appreciation gifts, followed by a commemorative photoshoot. Mr. Truong Nam Phuong - Secretary of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted's Youth Union - announced the awards, including a city-level Emulation Flag, an Outstanding Collective Labor Team, an Advanced Collective Labor Team, a city-level Exemplary Comrade, 21 institution-level Exemplary Comrade, and many other prestigious awards. Immediately afterward, teachers and former educators took photos to capture precious memories.

The Literature department radiant in their commemorative photoshoot

The Foreign Language department in their commemorative photoshoot

Finally, there were exchange performances between generations of teachers. Former educators brought a sincere and profound performance of the song "Mùa thu đầu tiên" (The first autumn) and the lively and cheerful song "Nhạc rừng" (Forest music), as well as a bachata and vase performance that captivated the audience. The program concluded with teachers wearing youthful student uniforms performing the song "With Ams, I have lived with all my heart" - a song written by the collective of teachers who are former students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School based on the music of the late composer Trinh Cong Son. The exchange session took place in an enthusiastic atmosphere among all participants.

Former Faculty Members performing “Mùa thu đầu tiên”

Former faculty members performing a riveting bachata and waltz

The audience cheering for every performance

The commemorative ceremony was successfully held with the enthusiastic participation of everyone. For November 20th, the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board wishes all teachers good health, happiness, and many joys in life. May the teachers continue to maintain the passion for teaching, inspiring future generations of students!

Author: Trần Minh An  (Literature '23 - '26)

Photographer: Nguyễn Lê Quốc Anh (Physics '23 - '26)

Translator: Phan Khánh An (English 1 '23 - '26)