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Post by: trangtrang | 24/10/2022 | 398 reads

Under the radiant sunshine of Hanoi autumn, the flag-raising ceremony on 24th October took place with the eager participation of students and teachers from Hanoi-Amsterdam High School. Although the new school year just started two months ago, students have put our school on the map by bringing back plenty of prizes.

As usual, the national anthem was proudly and heroically chanted to mark the start of a new week’s morning and initiate the solemn and ceremonious flag-raising ceremony. Two students with excellent contributions to Union activities and the 2022 Youth movements - Chu Hoa Bao Tram (12 History) and Nguyen Dan Nhi (12 French 2), were also honored to carry out the ritual.

The Asian Chess Championship for Youths 2002 from October 13th to 21st featured 451 contestants from 20 countries and territories competing in 12 league tables for men and women from U8 to U18, among which Nguyen Hong Nhung (11 Maths 2) has gained impressive achievements and once again made a name for our country, especially for Hanoi - Amsterdam High School on an international scale. Success after success, conquering medals such as 2 Golds for individual fast and standard chess categories, Hong Nhung was qualified for WIM (Woman International Master) and was awarded by Tran Thuy Duong - Party Committee’s Secretary and School Principal.

The 2021-2022 school year was a special year, as all academic and extracurricular activities were conducted online during the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite all these difficulties, Union members of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School have made every effort to study and better themselves, winning major prizes such as the one from Hanoi Union and Cau Giay Union.

- Chu Hoa Bao Tram, Ams’ Deputy Secretary, winning “Youths with healthy lifestyle” of Hanoi in 2022

- Students awarded with the “3-Goods Student” certificate of 2021-2022:

+ Tran Cong Minh - History 1922

+ Nguyen Dan Nhi, member of Ams’ Executive Committee - 12 French 2

+ Tran Ha Ngan, member of Ams’ Executive Committee - 12 Biology

+ Dao Mai Khue, President of Cam Ca - 12 Biology

+ Nguyen Chu Viet Tien - 11 I.T.

+ Khuat Duy Thai Son - 11 History

+ Bui Duc Khoi - 11 I.T.

- Excellent classes and individuals in the 2022 Summer Voluntary Event:

+ Nguyen Khanh Linh, member of Ams’ Executive Committee - 12 Math 2

+ Hanoi - Amsterdam’s club Society of Open Science

Finally, many classes were awarded for their impressive academic achievements and consistent discipline, and the entire school was also informed and advised to comply with the school rules.

The weekly meeting ended with the best wishes to 8th and 9th graders in the next district-level Olympiad that will be held on October 28th. Let’s hope that the achievements will be a source of encouragement for the next generations. We hope 8th and 9th graders will receive amazing results in the next competition!

Translator: Nguyễn Ngọc Khôi Nguyên - English 2 2023

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