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SCIENCE TOUR 2023: Brilliant sunshine appears, as Science Tour is here!

Post by: trangtrang | 17/05/2023 | 538 reads

Science Tour (The "S" Journey) is a series of science experiment excursions and performances at primary and secondary schools around Hanoi. At the same time, S - Tour is also the pre-event of the Science Tornado exhibition organized by the Society of Open Science Club - the largest Science Club in Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. This year, Science Tour has come back with its 10th season, which promises to bring practical and innovative science experiments and exciting  meetings with pupils.

The "S" Journey targets elementary and secondary schools across Hanoi. The event takes place from 01 April to 01 June 2023, Especially, in its 10th season, the club will organize a special tour beyond Hanoi with the aim of expanding its scale, bringing STEM closer to the community and students.

Science Tour at Nguyen Tri Phuong Secondary School

Each Science Tour is an extremely rewarding trip, spreading the passion for science to thousands of students at various schools. Although at each school there is a different way of organizing, countless interesting and educative experiments were performed, attracting the attention of not only students but also teachers.

There have been numerous experiments that inspired many students such as the Fire Hand, making Fire without lighter, Blue bottle, and Plasma gun. Through fascinating and informative demonstrations, Science Tour wishes to promote knowledge about fields such as Chemistry, Physics and more.

Interesting Plasma gun experiment

“Your hands and mine can both make fire.”

This year, the organizers decided to visit nearly 40 schools and made sure to pass on useful knowledge, spreading the passion for science to thousands of students.

Science experiments avidly arousing children's interest

The mission of the event is to rouse curiosity for science and convey the passion for science to students. More than that, Science Tour also creates opportunities for students to acquire knowledge while having fun and expressing their creativity.

“Hey class! Say cheese”

Science Tour at Xuan Dinh Secondary School

Not only did the children get unforgettable  experiences, but the club members also were extremely excited and enthralled to be able to organize the event. Science Tour member -  Mai Chi expressed her amusement about organizing this program: “This is my first year participating in Science Tour - a special milestone for me. I don't know how other members feel, but to me, the word “fun” is not enough to describe our past journey. This year's Science Tour was super fulfilling, I got to visit the schools, get to meet the students – it felt like meeting little me from a few years ago.”

Going to Stour helps members strengthen their bonds

Regarding the new features of this year's Science Tour, Nguyen Khac Nhat Minh - President of the Society of Open Science Club excitedly shared: “This year, Science Tour has expanded in scale and visited many more schools, specifically nearly 40 schools! There are also some schools that require our tour to be in English. Not only that, this year our club has collaborated with English learning centers, namely GenE Education to organize the Bilingual Science Day on Walking Street (February 14, 2023).”

Returning to the 10th season, the organizers of Science Tour have brought new and exciting things to students across Hanoi with useful science experiments. On behalf of the Ams Wide Web Editorial Board, we hope Science Tour continues to take place successfully, meaningfully and bring students many memorable experiences.

Translator: Phương Hạnh Thùy Dương - English 1 2225

Image: Provided by Society of Open Science