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Post by: trangtrang | 20/10/2022 | 572 reads

Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/11 is always a special occasion for all of us to sincerely express our sincere gratitude and affection for women. Each and every woman in our life has made our world more vibrant and vivid. They are the caring grandmothers and mothers; the sisters sharing each other’s joy and sorrow; the dedicated teachers. They are our world’s most endearing half of all. On this Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10, join Ams Wide Web as we listen to what Nguyen Lam Ha - Literature 2124 has to say about this wonderful day!

Reporter: In our country, Vietnamese Women's Day 20/10 is a celebration occasion to honor Vietnamese women and their indispensable contributions to the country. What does Vietnamese Women’s Day mean to Lam Ha?

Lâm Hà: Vietnamese Women’s Day has always been one of the best and most beautiful holidays for me to show my affection to the women I love, as well as letting them know just how much they are cared for and appreciated. Therefore, I have always looked forward to October 20th every year and given it my special attention.


Lam Ha looking fresh in Ams’ uniform

Reporter: What are your plans for this October 20th? What are you going to do to express the feelings you have to your grandmothers and mother?

Lâm Hà: On October 20th of this year, since most of us were busy studying and working, my family didn’t have any big plans for the day. I didn’t have time to prepare for this holiday myself either; nonetheless, I ordered some flowers and cakes for my mother as a way to express my thanks to her for the efforts and sacrifices that she made in the past year. As for other women in my life, I have also texted my most sincere congratulations to every one of them. I hope that they can appreciate my thoughts and feelings for them on this special holiday.

Lam Ha is always radiant and energetic

Reporter: This year was the first year that life has returned to normal after the Covid-19 pandemic and we no longer have to work entirely online. Do you think your feelings on this year’s 20/10 have changed compared to last year’s 20/10?

Lâm Hà: I find this year’s 20/10 atmosphere in our classrooms to be full of vim and vigor; many classes have collaborated to bring joy to our girls and female teachers. This has brought me tremendous heartwarming comfort because back then during the pandemic, women could only receive wishes online, which, despite all of its sincerity, were still somewhat incomplete. Now as our life has returned to normal once again, sending wishes can finally be done in person, and being directly handed these cute little gifts really made us women feel much more appreciated. This way, men could also express their appreciation for us on this special occasion a lot more clearly.

Not only outstanding in the academic field, but Lam Ha is also extremely proactive outside school

Reporter: This year is your 6th year of studying in Hanoi - Amsterdam. In your view, is the celebration process in high school Ams any different from that of secondary Ams?

Lâm Hà: I think secondary Ams and high school Ams are not too different from each other in the way that October 20th is organized. Everything is done by the boys in the class, warming the classroom atmosphere. However, when I went to high school Ams and became a Literature honors student, I had to get used to the peculiarities of the Literature class, one of which is that our class has only one boy. The organization thus would have been very difficult had he taken care of everything alone, so our class did something different by having the girls also contribute to the preparation to make everything perfect. Although it sounds a bit disadvantageous, I think it’s a way for us to bond and get closer to each other, and the wishes that my female classmates received have never been any less sincere than those of other classes.

Reporter: Do you want to leave any message to the female teachers and students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted in particular, as well as half of Vietnam in general on Vietnamese Women’s Day?

Lâm Hà: On this Vietnamese Women’s Day, I would like to send my best wishes for health and happiness to the wonderful women and girls that I know and those who spend their life in this S-shaped land. I hope that every woman will always be as glorious, beautiful and fresh as the bouquets gifts received on this day!

She is also the current president of Pandorams project - season 8th

Reporter: Thank you, Lam Ha for participating in an interview by Ams Wide Web today. We wish you a wonderful and memorable Vietnamese Women’s Day with the people you love!

On Vietnamese Women’s Day 20/10, Ams Wide Web’s editorial board would like to send our most sincere wishes to all mothers, mothers, and female friends. We wish all of you incredible happiness and lots of luck in life. May every female teacher and the female staff of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted meet many successes in their careers and share this warm and cozy holiday with their students and loved ones. May Amser girls be always smiling and shining with confidence!

Translator: Trần Linh Ngân - English 2 2124

Image: Self-provided