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Post by: trangtrang | 21/12/2020 | 1379 reads

In the afternoon of December 21st, nearly hundreds of students from Hanoi - Amsterdam High school for the Gifted excitedly took part in the event Green Life 2021: Under The Blue. In the event, they had the chance to exchange waste-papers, batteries, used cans and bottles for cute handmade items. Through this meaningful activity, Green Life 2021 wanted to spread the message: Let’s protect the environment together!


Green Life is an annual event held by Green Hanoi Amsterdam - the sole and largest environmental and social club at Ams. Until now, the event has reached its eighth year, has collected a total of nearly 7 tons of waste-paper and has successfully recycled them. With the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues as well as calling for action to protect the Earth, the event not only attracted a large number of students to participate, but also received the support of many parents and teachers.


This year, with the theme "Under The Blue", the organizing committee wanted to convey the message: Keep the sky above clear and prevent the unpredictable consequences of air pollution before it is too late. In 2020, seeing positive changes in the atmosphere as the ozone hole shrank, many cities around the world saw the clear blue sky again for the first time after a long time when traffic flow decreased significantly due to Covid-19, Green Life wished to contribute to maintaining a clean atmosphere. Through useful articles as well as interesting activities, Green Life provided participants with knowledge about the world's air condition, Air Visual pollution levels, and breakthrough measures to minimize pollution, to help participants gain a better understanding of the seriousness of today's polluted atmosphere. Coming to Green Life 2021, the students exchanged waste - paper, plastic bottles and used batteries for lovely items such as book clips, cards, or cloth bags made by Green Life’s volunteers in the Handmade team. Besides, the participants also received eco-friendly items such as succulent pots, water bottles, bamboo straws and cloth bags.


Unlike previous years, before the main event, Green Life 2021 held a small workshop on December 19th. Coming to the workshop, workshop participants have the opportunity to show their skills as well as make adorable Christmas gifts for relatives and family.


At the same time, Green Life hoped that, through the workshop for crafting handmade items, the attendees could better understand the necessity of using reusable objects to help protect the atmosphere.

Television station VTV3 came to record the event Green Life 2021


Green Life 2021: Under the Blue had taken place successfully when gaining over hundreds of kilograms of paper together with several batteries, used bottles and cans. But above all, Green Life succeeded thanks to the participation and great support of the students, as well as the spread of meaningful messages about air pollution in particular and pollution in general. Green Life hopes that the impact the event has made will create positive changes for the environment and will raise people's awareness of environmental protection.


Reporter: Doan Minh Khue - 1922 Russian-English

Translator: Thai Minh Anh - 1821 Chinese-English