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Post by: trangtrang | 01/12/2019 | 1936 reads

To each of us pupils, students in Vietnam, November 20th is a very holy and noble day to express our gratitude to the teachers. In the joyful atmosphere of this special occasion, the reporter of Ams Wide Web had the opportunity to interview teacher Le Mai Phuong, who is loved and admired by many students for her dedication, enthusiasm in every lesson have touched our hearts.

Interviewer (I): Hello, first, on behalf of Ams Wide Web I would like to thank you for having time for our interview today. Having known you are an alumnus of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted of the year 2012-2016, what made you return to the school but this time as a teacher?

Ms. Phuong (MP): Because this is where I grew up, to me, Ams is not only a school, it is an actual home, thus Ams is always my number 1 choice, the first place came up in my mind.

Ms. Phuong elegantly shining in ao dai

I: How do your feelings differ to be both a teacher and a student at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted? 

MP: I don’t see many differences, the only thing is when I am a teacher, I will be the one conveying knowledge to the students, thus sometimes I have to be stricter, more mature than me of the old days to make a good example for the students. However, I always feel like I’m still an Amser, since the teachers at school still give me a lot of instructions and advice on my work.

I: What are your thoughts on the students whom you’re currently teaching?

MP: I think they are really good and adorable, not only do they study well but also actively participate in the activities of the class and the school. Though the students whom I’m teaching is somewhat naughty, some even sing in the lessons, but it’s fine because that’s the way I like them to be, they make the atmosphere of the class happier.

Ms. Phuong in a lesson with class 10 History

I: Ms. Phuong, do you have any expectations of the next generation of students?

MP: I do not expect much, I just want all of you to always be happy, cheerful, healthful, confident in order to take control of your own life, when there is time, we can sit down together and turn back time to the good old days. That would sound good enough to me.

I: November 20th is nearing, how are feeling these days?

MP: I’m absolutely happy and excited, the students whom I am teaching have given me truly meaningful wishes and beautiful flowers. In addition to that, I am also looking forward to having a visit to my old teachers, gathering with my old class, chatting and eating together. 

On the occasion of November 20th, I wish you and all the teachers in the school happiness, health and success in life. 

Reporter: Tran Mai Lien - Geography 1922

Photos: Collected

Translator: Nguyen Minh Anh - Russian - English 1821