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Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung - our "second mother"

Post by: trangtrang | 01/12/2019 | 1746 reads

Although I have only been studying with her for over three months, I have been impressed by the way she teaches and imparts to students both knowledge and how to be human. So I consider her my "second mother". Here, I will tell you about the homeroom teacher we deeply love and respect.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Kim Dung

Reporter: Can you tell me the journey to make you become a history teacher?

When I entered the Social Affairs School block, I had the highest History score, so I was always ranked in History department. At first, I didn't like the subject, but gradually, I liked and liked History so I decided to become a teacher of History. It can be said that career choose people, son. If it was the right choice, I would become a Literature teacher, but it was a charm when I followed History and she felt lucky and happy to have become a History teacher.

Reporter: You are a history teacher, what do you want to convey besides knowledge of History?

"History is the teacher of life" when we study History, in addition to understanding knowledge, it helps us realize many things that can be applied in life. History lessons can help us understand the laws of life, so History is different from other subjects. Gradually over a period of study, I realized that history's experiences could be applied to life. Therefore, in addition to teaching knowledge, I also teach my students about humanitarianism, politeness, and how to behave in life, as the old people said, "First class, after school". I want to help you to become perfect people both mentally and intellectually, to become socially beneficial people and to conform to the standards of an Amser.

Interviewer: Many teachers now think that History is boring, boring subject, just memorization. How do you comment on this idea and what have you done to innovate the way of teaching?

I said that History is very interesting and interesting, it is not boring but the way it is transmitted is the reason why students think so. In addition, the pressure of the exams required them to memorize. Using history also requires students to master the level of awareness, understanding, then use and analyze. She has renovated teaching methods that are suitable for students' psychology such as conducting them to learn about issues, characters, historical events, and then giving lectures, from which instead of her teaching. but they are self-learning and self-understanding, self-assessment of experience, lessons from that problem. Then she asked historical issues, let the children argue, critique and eventually conclude. Not only that, she also showed them the famous historical songs and films such as Pearl Harbor, Casablanca, ... Because above all, she wanted her students to learn and understand History easily. , most effective, and draw lessons for yourself to apply in practice.

Reporter: Ma'am, what was the meaningful gift you received from your students on November 20? Can you tell me?

I have been a homeroom teacher for many generations of Amser, and I also received many times to celebrate, many unexpected gifts from the students on 11/20. But in my career as a teacher, I felt touched and the most meaningful was when the students called me "Mother". First-class siblings, there are problems in life. At that time, I shared to solve problems. The students loved me very much and called me "Mother", very natural and very sincere. I felt that it was the most meaningful gift for me to help my students and be trusted by students. "Or in the previous class, when taking photos of the whole class, there were always some guys fighting to stand beside her. There, with such small things, I became more and more happy and meaningful when doing the job." planting people ".

Reporter: Coming soon November 20, what is the gift that you most expect from class 10 What is the course history of 1922?

In fact, she expected and felt the happiest and happiest when grade 10 History of the friends love each other like brothers in the house, unite, help each other, tell each other to study, obedient, obey him Grandma, her parents, her teachers, she was happy already, not needing anything too high. The class is happy, obedient and study well, she feels very happy already.

Reporter: Thank you for participating in the interview today. This interview helped me understand her better and on the occasion of the coming November 20, I wish her more and more healthy, happy, full of joy and success in the career of "planting people". I wish you in the 10th grade History 1922 have a successful school year, full of joy. 10th Grade History 1922 will always love her wholeheartedly and is willing to bring 3 years as her homeroom teacher full of happiness!

Reporter: Nguyen Tung Duong - History 1922

Translator: Nguyen Hoang An - English 1 1821