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Chung cakes: wrapped with love

Post by: admin | 03/02/2012 | 5359 reads

What special activity would the young volunteers of GHA for Tet holiday this year? 

With only a few days to the end of the year, it will not be an overstatement to say that Tet is in the air. From place to place, people are hoping for a warm and peaceful holiday with family. However, besides our abundance and happiness, there are always many poor people, many orphans with nobody to lean on wishing desperately for a better meal or, to be specific, for some Chung cakes to have a Tet like the way it should be. Having an insight into this wish, students in GHA Club have planned an activity called “Warm Tet holiday” in which students can express their love by sending Chung cakes wrapped by themselves to the poor. In preparation for this activity, GHA has had experienced a “wrapping lesson” at class 11 Hoa 1.

Simple as it may seem, wrapping a Chung cake is never an easy task. Besides the quality of rice, peas, meat, the outlook of the cake is also important, every step must be done with meticulous attention.


 The first to do is to wash La dong carefully and cut along its length. Since this was the first time so it took the girls a while to finish this step!

 The next is to choose the best four leaves to wrap.


Put the rice in first :D!

 Then add peas, meat and rice (again) in respeective order. OK let’s wrap it.

 This was actually the hardest phase.However, with the help from the teacher and a strong determination of the girls, the first Chung cake was finally wrapped properly.

Following the first success, each member began working on their own cakes.


 Eventually, after two hours of hard work, each had finished wrapping two Chung cakes. Although it took a little time, a great effort and the products were not perfect but our girls couldn’t  help being proud of themselves the moment thay completed such a diffcult task. That little lesson was not only about a piece of our culture but also a chance for these girls to meet, work together and build a strong friendship!

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