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Write for our teacher what we cannot say

Post by: trangtrang | 14/11/2019 | 2033 reads

November brings cold breath of wind, reminding me of an upcoming winter. When it comes to November, I always think of 20/11, and speaking of November 20th, I always think of you – my teacher. The journey we have been through with you, for Chinese- English Class 1821 and me in specific, is invaluable. November 20th  is coming, and I want to write you this to express what I cannot say in words.

Mrs Nghiem To Minh – Literature teacher

Dear Mrs Minh,

I cannot remember everything you said and how the first lesson went on on the first day you took  on our class. The only thing I could remember was your warm smile and the passionate look in your eyes. I love the way you try to apply stories relating to us so we can have a deeper view towards literary work. I love how you chat comfortably with us about different things apart from the curriculum to prevent the lesson from being stressful. I love the way you show your expressions when telling stories, which doesn’t only make them funny but also lovely. And I especially admire the balance in your teaching: you can be cheerful, being a close friend to students, but you can also maintain discipline in classroom. Thanks to you, Literature has become much more interesting and understandable!

 Maybe you don’t have much impression about me anymore, because I am a shy and introverted person. Although I am usually silent, I really like you! However, I still do many things that make you feel sad. I have always wanted to apologized to you for many times I talk with friends and do personal things during the lesson. And I also want to thank you for always thinking for me and understanding our “pain”. There had been untold words and affection that could not reach the heart. But I hope that after you have read this post, my love and the class’ in general can touch your heart.

It seems that you have become a close friend of Chinese- English class 1821. Literature without your stories, lessons without your sharing will never be the same anymore. One and half a year have passed by, we only have half a year with you. It may seem long but for us, it is actually very short. We always remind ourselves that we have to appreciate this time spent with you, and we hope that one day when we have to say goodbye, you will always remember us as your closest friends.

Teacher Minh and students of Chinese- English class 1821

On November 20th, I, on behalf of Chinese- English class 1821, wish that you will always be healthy and have lots of luck. We wish that you will find a person who can bring you happiness for the rest of your life. We sincerely thank you and are sorry for everything. Please always keep your smile! We will always be by your side!

Reporter: Thai Minh Anh - Chinese-English 1821

Translator: Truong Hai Ha - English 2 1922