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AMSTRONOMY - “Through hardships to the stars”

Post by: trangtrang | 13/11/2019 | 1673 reads

Among nearly 40 clubs at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, Amstronomy remains to be an unfamiliar name to the pupils and teachers. However, the club has shown that it by no means has less potential than any of the “seniors”.

Amstronomy - a pun with ‘Ams’ (Hanoi - Amsterdam) and ‘Astronomy’ - is the first and only astronomy club at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. Founded in 2019 by the young loving astronomy, looking forward to spreading this subject widely to society, Amstronomy is now having 60 passionate and talented members. 

Originated from the success of the team participating in the International Olympic Olympiad in Astronomy and Astrophysics IOAA 2019, the passionate participants came up with an idea of setting up an astronomy club to give Amsers exposure to the subject with advanced equipment and facilities.


The IOAA 2019 team

Through the tough recruitment process, young people have come to exciting study sessions on Astronomy with many activities such as practicing with telescopes, practicing drawing star maps, and writing research papers. Amstronomy also conducts many collaboration such as USTH Space Day 2019 in astrophotography.

A star observation training session of Amstronomy

Tran Quag Vinh - Co-president of the club giving instructions to the members on watching the sun

Nguyen Manh Quan and Nguyen Hoang Nam, members of the IOAA team, are currently in the departments of finance and specialists

New members of Amstronomy at USTH Space Day 2019

“I think Amstronomy is a great chance for the passionate students, when my friends came up with the idea of establishing this club, I was very glad about this. I myself is not really exposed to astronomy and astrophysics, however, through the fascinating lessons and practical sessions of Amstronomy, I can somewhat feel the science spirit of the club! Astronomy is not easy at all because in Vietnam, this subject is yet underdeveloped. I believe that overcoming these barriers, Amstronomy will rise and bring astronomy closer to the Amser! ”- Mr. Ho Bach Duong, Vice President, shared.

“Although this is the first year of Amstronomy, we will try our best to make the club grow as successfully as the previous clubs! I had fun and exciting time with my special friends here! In particular, they always focus on building an appealing and easy-to-understand astronomy curriculum when teaching so that not only members of the department of specialists, but also other departments can understand the knowledge in astronomical training sessions! Through this, on behalf of the club, I would like to give my special thanks to Mr. Le Manh Cuong - the teacher in charge of the club, who encouraged and supported us a lot in the early days of building the club ”- Nguyen Gia Khanh , Head of Content - Specialist. 

“Astronomy is not just about the stars. Behind it are humanity lessons through myths, experience in statistical probability, data processing and physics to get an insight of the phenomena in the vast sky, and even in our real lives! Astronomy is a combination of natural and social factors!” - Dinh Trieu Lam said.

Hope the club of Amstronomy will have a very successful first year reaching out to the stars - just like your slogan “Ad astra per aspera”!

Reporter/Author: Trinh Nhat Huy - Physics 1 18-21

Translator: Nguyen Minh Anh - Russian - English 18-21