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Happy Mid-Autumn Festival with students in grades 6 and 7

Post by: trangtrang | 12/09/2019 | 1875 reads

On the afternoon of Wednesday 11/9, a useful extracurricular activity on the occasion of Mid-Autumn Festival took place at the Hall of 700 Hanoi High School for the Gifted - Amsterdam with the participation of more than 400 students of grades 6 and 7 of the school. with the teachers and homeroom teachers of the classes.

With the theme "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival", the extracurricular session started with the bustling lion dance which stirred the whole hall and attracted a lot of attention from students.


A vibrant lion dance performance

In the bustling festival drum, two characters, Uncle Cuoi and Ms. Hang, who appeared in the role of host, deftly heated the atmosphere at the hall with the physical games enthusiastically responded by the students. . The warm-up screen had more affection between the classes and brought hilarious laughter to the children.
The students of grades 6 and 7 then admire the amazing soap bubble performance and continue to enjoy the fascinating and extremely mysterious magic. The special performances really attracted the children, constantly had many admirers and applause cheering resounded.

Some pictures of magic repertoire

With the guidance of Uncle Cuoi and Ms. Hang, the students were able to experience new and interesting games in the form of a dance competition and a bottle of water to the music.
At the end of the game, the whole hall was enjoyed a funny monkey circus. Under the guidance of the trainer, the cute monkeys are very clever and confident to perform the acrobatics, cycling, balancing in front of the excited witness of more than 400 students.

Monkey circus show

The full moon festival ends with a gift of festive gifts for groups of blocks 6 and 7.
The extra-curricular program "Happy Mid-Autumn Festival" is a very meaningful gift that teachers and parents give to students. Hopefully all of you have had really relaxing and comfortable moments after stressful studying hours. Wish you have a happy and warm Mid-Autumn Festival with your loved ones!

Reporter: Tran Kieu Anh - Su 17-20

Translator: Doan The Vinh - English 1 18-21