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A precious moment between Class 10 Chemistry 1 and their teacher Ms. Dao Nguyen Thu Ha

Post by: trangtrang | 18/11/2019 | 1502 reads

November with its serene sunshine and chilly autumnal breeze reminds generations of students of a special event - National Teachers’ Day 20/11. In the midst of the cheerful atmosphere of this red-letter day, Class 10 Chemistry 1 of Hanoi-Amsterdam High school for the Gifted organized a surprise meal for their homeroom teacher Ms. Dao Nguyen Thu Ha at Long Phung Restaurant after class finished.

Albeit having only been with her for less than 4 months, each and every student in 10 Chemistry 1 has a deep affection and respect towards their teacher. A class member has shared her insight: “She has the solemnity of a teacher, but she also has the warmth and devotion of a mother. Therefore, although we haven’t had much time together, we can still feel the ardent love and enthusiasm she brings to generations of students.”

With their genuine appreciation towards their homeroom teacher, Class 10 Chemistry 1 has presented her with invaluable gifts. 

Mrs. Dao Nguyen Thu Ha and the students of 10 Chemistry 1 in the School Year Opening Ceremony

The first present comes from the class monitor Nguyen Thu Phuong - an energetic, confident and affectionate girl. On behalf of the class, she sent words of love and gratitude to their teachers for the dedication and responsibility she had shouldered and her efforts to motivate many generations of students. The speech ends ceremoniously with best wishes and support from all her classmates.

After such an intimate opening, the two most charming and humorous boys in the class, Pham Thai An and Nguyen Minh Duc became witty MCs to stir up the atmosphere of the ceremony. Thanks to their jokes and commentary, the class burst out in laughter and had a memorable time. These 2 MCs have successfully made their teacher Thu Ha laugh out happily after a series of hardworking days dedicated to caring for her 10 Chemistry 1 children. 

In every tribute, perhaps the musical performance is always the most anticipated. A small band named “Ngu vi huong” with the participation of 7 class members dedicated their song to their teacher through the most beautiful lyrics. The upbeat melody and the harmonious singing became the most grand opening for a close-knit meal between the beloved teacher and her students.

Although it lasted only a few short hours, the memory would always be vivid and lingering in every heart of Class 10 Chemistry 1 members. They have really had a wonderful time with their teacher. And, for sure, their teacher, Ms. Dao Nguyen Thu Ha, was really happy with all the wishes and meaningful presents from her students. On behalf of the website editors, we wish Ms. Ha and Class 10 Chemistry 1 an unforgettable National Teachers’ Day with more love and solidarity!

Reporter: Hoang Van Anh - Literature 1922

Translator: Dinh Khanh Linh - English 1 1821