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A few words from the new 2020 Ams Ambassador - Huynh Trang Nhi

Post by: trangtrang | 23/11/2020 | 1007 reads

On the finale night of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2020 last Wednesday, the throne of the Ams Ambassador competition called on Huynh Trang Nhi from the 11 Geography class. With her outstanding academic as well as extracurricular achievements, alongside an absolutely spectacular performance on the finale night, Trang Nhi completely captured the hearts of the judging board and all of the school’s students, proving her worthiness of the position of Ams Ambassador this year. Let’s listen to a few words from Trang Nhi with Ams Wide Web!

Reporter: Hello Trang Nhi! First of all, I would like to congratulate you on making an impressive achievement in the previous Ambassador competition. To begin with, when you were officially named the new Ambassador of this year, how did you feel ?

Trang Nhi (TN): Hi Ams Wide Web! To be honest, it came as a shock to me when the MC read out my name as the one who was crowned Ams Ambassador this year. I myself was extremely surprised when I got in the top 3 of the competition, that is not to say I actually became the winner; it was way above my expectations. But I also felt so happy and joyful, after the crowning night I received many words of congratulation and encouragement. Astounded and pleased, those are the two words that best describe my feelings on the crowning night.

A pretty Huynh Trang Nhi in her Ambassador photoshoot


Reporter: Surely enough you came to the ambassador competition as a fortuitous but fated encounter. So, what brought you to the Ambassador competition this year?

TN: To be honest, at first I had no intention of participating in the Ams Ambassador competition this year. However, completely by chance, I was encouraged by my friends and the whole Geography Class, and at the end I signed up for the competition. Moreover, I was even luckier to be named the Ams Ambassador for the next school year; I am honestly, deeply happy and I never regret participating in the competition this year.

Trang Nhi in her talent performance



Reporter: Throughout the whole course of the competition, with countless ups and downs as well as memories, what have you learned that you consider invaluable?

TN: The ambassador competition has given me a lot of meaningful lessons, however, for me the most important thing that I’ve learned is to never stop trying and never give up. I think that to be able to get what you want, no matter big or small, you cannot fall or give up halfway but you have to always look on ahead and try even harder. It was this mentality that contributed to my success at the ambassador competition.

Reporter: Do you have any memories that hold the greatest significance that you will not forget during the course of the competition?

TN: For me, the final rehearsal before the finale night which was postponed was the memory that I remember most. To be honest, on that day, everyone was in a hustle, excitedly preparing for the finale with maximum efforts. However, due to objective reasons, the finale was cancelled, getting everyone’s mood down tremendously; we were all, to an extent, upset and disappointed. However, through hard times like that, I felt the solidarity spirit forever burning inside Amsers; everyone tried to encourage each other, keeping the spirit high so even when it was postponed, all the ambassadors as well as everyone who participated in Ngay hoi Anh tai did their absolute best and were always cheerful, excited and optimistic. That might be one of the most memorable experiences of mine throughout 3 years of high school.

Graceful Huynh Trang Nhi in the traditional “ao dai” in the catwalk performance


Reporter: So for you, when chosen to be the Ams Ambassador 2020, the one who will represent the school and influence the community even more, what will you do to provide others with a more diverse, novel view of Amsers?

TN: From my viewpoint, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted has had a great influence on a lot of people, with its legacy of achievements as well as the variety and diversity of extra-curricular activities. Therefore, I think that our school can continue to maintain, increase and accelerate attaining academic achievements and to develop extra-curricular activities so that others can see how varied and unique Amsers are: everyone receives all-round development, maintaining the identity of Amsers, not just learning.

Huynh Trang Nhi (second from left) in the final question round


Reporter: Can you reveal a bit about a few of your personal plans after the competition as well as giving some advice to other students studying in Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted?

TN: About my future plans, I will focus more on studying to maintain my academic performance. Besides, I will continue pursuing and participating in extracurricular activities so as to gain new experience in life and to have even more memories throughout my time as a student in Ams.

As for the advice, I would advise other students to never stop trying and to believe in yourself; only then are you certain to succeed in accomplishing whatever you want. Just like my journey of taking part in the ambassador competition, I had always had a firm belief that I could become the Ambassador, so I tried as hard as I could always and finally got the results I deserved. Have faith, keep on trying and anyone will be able to do anything, and I think each of us should keep that kind of mentality in life.

Thank you Trang Nhi for setting aside some time to have this interview with Ams Wide Web today! Again, congratulations on being crowned the Ams Ambassador 2020.  We wish that you will always stay healthy, strong, and confident to continue pursuing the journey ahead and reap even more success!

Reporter: Cao Thanh Long - Literature Class 2023

Translator: Quynh An - English Class 1 2023

Image: Facebook