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Talk with Chu Hoa Bảo Trâm (History 20-23), the School’s Union’s Dep. Secretary chosen for the 16th Exco of Hanoi's Union

Post by: trangtrang | 30/09/2022 | 392 reads

On September 29th, the 16th Congress of the Ho Chi Minh Youth Union of Hanoi announced the results of the election for outstanding comrades to serve the term of 2022 - 2027 at Hanoi’s Executive Committee. In the results, Chu Hoa Bảo Trâm, Deputy Secretary of the Youth Union of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, was one of the 59 elected comrades. Follow Ams Wide Web’s editors as we interview Bảo Trâm, a girl with a limitless dedication to activisms within these youth unions!

Reporter: Can you share with us your feelings when you got elected into the Exco of Hanoi’s Youth Union?

Bảo Trâm: I felt exceedingly proud to be the youngest person elected in the Exco’s history. It is not only the honor but also the pride and joy that I want to share with everyone.

Chu Hoa Bảo Trâm in the election

Reporter: What is the significance of this latest success to your journey of being an activist?

Bảo Trâm: Being a member of the Executive Committee at the age of 17 is a big milestone for me and a fitting reward for those years of activism. As the Deputy Secretary of our school's Youth Union, this is also a wonderful chance for me to further develop the union of not just Hanoi - Amsterdam High School but of the District of Cau Giay as well.

Reporter: With your newfound powerful position in the Youth Union, what are your plans for the near future?

Bảo Trâm: In the upcoming time, I hope to speak up with words and actions to spread positivity and kindness to union members in our school and Cau Giay district, first and foremost. In addition to that, I hope to also boost movements, programs and campaigns that will aim to educate and empower union members, which will help identify, assist and nurture outstanding future union members who have the potential to become the little Red seedlings and advance the Vietnamese Communist Party.

Gleeful face at the Congress

Reporter: I know that you started working for the unions at a very young age, so to us, you’re quite a seasoned union leader there. What does the work here mean to you then?

Bảo Trâm: I have participated in union activism since I was a 3rd grade pioneer, all the way to now as a union member. For me, engaging in youth unions isn't just playing a part in separate activities. It is also a chance to cultivate knowledge in a lot of different fields. Youth union activism has given me a lot of fond memories to create the me of today.

Bảo Trâm has always been a prominent participant in school activities

Reporter: Can you share with us why you’re in love with union activism that you have chosen for yourself amongst a myriad of other extracurricular programs?

Bảo Trâm: When I was a child, I used to look at the bright blue shirts of teenage and adult union members alike and aspire to follow in their footsteps. The Ho Chi Minh Youth Union is a trustworthy institution for me and other members to sharpen one’s intellect and promote political activism. The Union has helped me and so many others, empowering the youths to spread their ideas everywhere.

Elegant pose with the ao dai

Reporter: As a highly active member of the Union who regularly contributes to the success of its activities with an admirable report card in academics as well, do you have any tips to help manage your time and find the balance between everything?

Bảo Trâm: There are many ways to balance between work and study; but for me, I strive to identify the most pressing tasks I need to complete. When I am able to categorize the importance of those tasks, I would be able to manage my time more properly. Keep in mind that before accepting any task, know if you can actually complete it or not, so you don't overwork yourself or leave things unfinished.

Through an interesting talk with Chu Hoa Bảo Trâm, we now better understand the girl who is often said to be small in size, but monumental in her activism. We, Ams Wide Web’s editorial board, wish her even more success on the journey to Union activism, where she can make even more positive contributions to our community!

Translator: Phan Khánh An - English 1 2225

Image: Self-provided