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Post by: trangtrang | 03/10/2022 | 413 reads

Yesterday’s morning, October 2nd, 2022, the Temple of Literature, Hanoi was broadcast live with hundreds of students and teachers from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. They all gathered there to support the “climber” Vu Nguyen Son in Road to Mount Olympia season 22 finals.

Many teachers, students and parents have been present since early morning to prepare a  few final steps before the start of this highly anticipated finals. “Fire Nguyen Son/ Winner Ams”, “Son Baka/ Came to Slay”, “Hanoi - Amsterdam: Nguyen Son on the roll of honor”, etc. Those were the slogans, wishes and messages from teachers and friends that had fueled Nguyen Son’s strengths and boosted his bravery to embark on the journey of seizing the laurel wreath.

Students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School waiting in excitement before the G hour

The message “12 Russian always stands by and supports Nguyen Son” was an important source of confidence and strength for our “climber”!

The dance team rehearsing in early morning

At 8:30 AM, when Road to Mount Olympia was broadcasted live, the drumroll started. Hundreds of Amsers turned their eyes towards the program at the broadcast location. Along with 3 other broadcast locations, MC Hoang Linh was assigned and entrusted with the responsibility to “heat up” the atmosphere in Hanoi to cheer for Nguyen Son. The spirit of passion and pride were overflowing with  joy and exhilaration from Amsers transferring all of their mental strengths to their mountain climber warrior at the S14 studio.

Drum rolls heating up the cheering spirit

MC Hoang Linh’s radiant smile leading Hanoi’s station

Throughout the Finals, each Amser, teacher and parent had the chance to ride on a rollercoaster of mixed emotions: anxiety and nervousness; regret and disappointment; happiness and admiration; pride and heralding, and so much more. Despite the autumn drizzle of Hanoi, supporters from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted never lost their enthusiasm and encouragement at any moment. All seemed to share one heartbeat, one hope and one purpose. The cheering and clapping of the supporters shattered even Earth when Nguyen Son excellently got the keyword for the “Overcoming Obstacles” section.

A moment of suspense in the Warm-up round

The rain could not dampen the burning spirit at the Temple of Literature

The waiting eyes and enthusiastic cheers also came from the parents and teachers

At the Finish Line round, the broadcast location at the Temple of Literature sent a bustling atmosphere and enthusiastic Amser spirit to the 22nd season of Road to Mount Olympia with the ultimate hope of empowering Nguyen Son to confidently enter the final round.

Impressive cheering performances for the climber before each round

The Amser excitedly answering question for the audience

Facing a dramatic fight with no winners in sight, the fans seemed to “hold their breath” during each and every important question. Each time the bell on Nguyen Son’s desk rang was met with the clapping, shouting and  praying from the fans, bursting into joy when Son took the lead with 185 points.

Moments of suspense, hold your breaths for the results ...

… and then burst with joy, as victory was just within reach

Nevertheless, every match has their own unexpected moments, and perhaps luck wasn’t on the side of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School. There were regrets, there were tears, and there were sorrows as well as other emotions. But above all, the applause and chants of “Nguyen Son! Nguyen Son! Nguyen Son” still echoed with pride and admiration. All Amsers and their teachers have certainly gone through a very memorable day, with countless emotions and a sense of great pride imprinted in everyone’s mind in the end.

Road to Mount Olympia season 22 was a long journey full of hard work and difficulties. Although he did not win the laurel wreath, Nguyen Son was the Champion in the hearts of Amser and the students of Hanoi. On behalf of the Website’s editorial board, may Nguyen Son be forever brave, confident and diligent to conquer even higher mountains in the future!

Translator: Trần Linh Ngân - English 2 2124