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[NHAT’23] The Finale Night of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2023: Estampilla - Imprint: The road to creating the individuality of 13 unique “stamps”

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On 27/10/2023, the Finale Night of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai—an annual festival organized by the students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted—was successfully organized, marking another vibrant season. This year, returning with the theme of Estampilla - Imprint, NHAT’23 wants to send a special message: Opportunities to show off your individuality are rare, so don’t let anyone hinder your aspirations!


Starting of the Finale Night is a talent performance from the Literature major embodying homely farmers - Viet Nam’s most special “stamp” - people who work consistently to preserve humanity from life’s corrupted cycle. Continuing the programme, the English major accompanied the audience on a journey to discover themselves, to overcome their flaws and insecurities in order to realize the meaning of life and love each and every imperfection.

The Literature major portraying the beauty of a country with long-standing rice paddy culture.

The English major and the journey to find oneself

Grasping modern changes while preserving traditional values to show individuality and create a community’s identity was the message that the Dual Program major brought to the stage on the Finale Night. Right afterwards came the Russian major, with a retelling of a letter written during the construction of the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant - the nation’s historic project that received the help of Soviet citizens. From the Russian major’s performance, we can clearly see their hope for the future and gratitude for the contributions of young workers in bringing electricity to Viet Nam.

The harmonization of tradition and modernization in the Dual Program major's performance

The joy of hard-working citizens from the Russian major

The talent performance of the Computer Science major told a story about "Ebooks" and traditional books, sending an important message: be grateful for the values and knowledge that a traditional book brings mankind, as it is something an electronic book cannot replace. Afterwards, we enjoyed a performance from the Chemistry major, highlighting the deep affection between people during the time of harsh storms. The bravery of our soldiers and determination of countless women behind the scene are the symbols of an entire era.

The Computer Science major with the message of appreciating the values that traditional books bring

An era of harsh battles portrayed by the Chemistry major

Through their performance, the Geography major explored the thin veil between life and death, and with that they grieved the loss of the unfortunate lives that were lost in the Khuong Ha fire. Continuing on, the Chinese major brought a performance celebrating self-confidence and independence, since only the question of “Who am I?" is one that each person has to answer for themself.

The Geography major and the narrative of the thin veil between life and death

Self-confidence was what the Chinese major brought to the stage in their talent showcase

With this year’s theme of “identity”, the History major brought a performance named “Viet Nam, Blood and Vine”, affirming that not only is Viet Nam kindhearted and dazzling, the nation is also resilient, extremely willful and does not bow down to anyone. In addition, the Math major used their performance to express the deepest gratitude to all the builders and engineers, who exemplified the beauty of labor and of the Motherland during the construction of the Hoa Binh Hydropower Plant. 

“Viet Nam, Blood and Vine” from the History major not only presented this nation’s elegant beauty but its resilience as well 

The Math major expressed their gratitude for the humans who work day and night

Taking inspiration from the common prejudices of being a Biology major, the major’s display sent a vital message of being brave enough to chase one’s dreams to prove one’s own values. Meanwhile, “we are the world’s tomorrow” was the message that the French major wanted to convey through their talent performance. When the environment is being destroyed day by day, individual awareness is even more important.

The Biology major and the desire to pursue their own dreams

 A message about the environment was sent to the audience through the performance of the French major

Each performance sends a meaningful message and each second on the stage is radiant, but in the end, the title of first place in the NHAT Talent Showcase could go to only one major - the "stamp" that succeeded in displaying their individuality clearly, and that was the Physics major. Throughout the S-shaped land, there are people who work day and night but still cannot afford their basic needs, there are still children who follow their parents to work and therefore do not have the opportunity to go to school. Because of that, this major's performance brought the message of helping one another out during hard times, in order to improve our lives and to preserve the culture and identity of the 54 ethnic groups.

The title of First place in the NHAT Talent Showcase belongs to the Physics major, with a performance showing Viet Nam's individuality 

Besides the NHAT Talent Showcase, the NHAT Camp Exhibition was also a crucial part of the Finale Night. Everyone put all of their energy into the camps to make sure they were the most eye-catching, the ones which brought out the "personality" of the "stamps" clearly.


The Physics major with a story about life in high school; thought to be easy, but could sometimes be too big and new for students.

 With the theme of the Eastern dragon reaching out to receive the world's best, the Dual Program major sent messages about preserving national identity.

The History major’s camp painted a colorful and harmonious picture, like the marks of Hanoi and Amsterdam

Inside the Literature major’s camp was a colorful world, symbolizing the spiritual world that has always been present since a child's first years

Inspired by the novel “The Little Prince”, the French major drew up six planets, representing different traits: Enthusiasm, gracefulness, dreaminess, intelligence and individuality

Based on the thorough evaluation from the judges, the title of First place of the NHAT Camp Exhibition belongs to the Chinese major. The students of this major decided to name their camp “The Stamp of China Town” - a place that represents Chinese culture, concentrating on the charm that only China has. China Town is known as a place that never sleeps, filled with bright lights and colorful signs, with the tempting aroma of spices and herbs. With the characteristics imbued within the major’s identity in its design, the Chinese Major's Camp is truly worthy of the title!

“The Stamp of China Town” of the Chinese major received First place

Another competition in the Finale Night that also received a lot of attention from the public was Ams Ambassador - the journey to find brightest Ambassador for Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. After going through the Interview Round, the Talent Round and the Online Voting Round, the 10 best names were announced one by one under the spotlight of the Finale Night. The ambassadors had the opportunity to shine with two walks in their Traditional and Western Ballroom costumes. The highest title—The Head Ambassador—went to Ambassador Nguyen Kieu Anh (11 History). Besides that, the additional prizes went to Pham Uyen Nhi (12 Literature) - Most liked Ambassador, Dong Minh Anh (11 English 1) - Academic Ambassador, Duong Anh Tuan (11 Technology) - Style Ambassador, Nguyen Dinh Quang (11 English 2) - Talent Ambassador, and Nguyen Mai Vy (11 Russian) - Dynamic Ambassador.

Pham Uyen Nhi (12 Literature) - Most liked Ambassador

Nguyen Mai Vy (11 Russian) - Dynamic Ambassador.

Dong Minh Anh (11 English 1) - Academic Ambassador

Duong Anh Tuan (11 Technology) - Style Ambassador

Nguyen Dinh Quang (11 English 2) - Talent Ambassador

The title of Head Ambassador went to Ambassador Nguyen Kieu Anh (11 History)

Remarkably, on the Finale Night stage was the presence of two famous artists; Andree Right Hand and Rhyder, with performances that heated up the atmosphere of the NHAT evening. These exhilarating songs set fire to the stage. and the cheers from the audience certainly became an unforgettable memory for everyone present on the NHAT’23 Finale Night.

Andree Right Hand with his exhilarating hit songs

Rhyder setting fire to the NHAT stage with his engaging stage presence

The last performance definitely had all the 13 majors on pins and needles — the announcement of titles and the award ceremony. The title of First place in the Sports Festival was given to the majors of Math, Physics and Chemistry. The most noble position—Most Wanted Class—called the name of the Russian major, alongside the Computer Science major with the title of runner-up for the Most Wanted Class title.

The title of First place in the Sports Festival was given to the majors of Math, Physics and Chemistry.

The Most Wanted Class cup has officially called the name of the Russian major

The Computer Science major - Runner-up for Most Wanted Class

13 Major Representatives in 13 shirts colors photographed together, marking a complete NHAT’23 season ending 

The Organizers of NHAT - those who have devoted all their efforts into making the Ngay Hoi Anh Tai season a great success

These are the results that the majors have achieved with a lot of effort, sweat and even tears throughout two whole months. Even though it has ended, perhaps the echo left behind by NHAT will still resound forever in the minds of the students, and the fire of solidarity between the majors will still burn brightly. Hopefully the season of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2023: Estampilla has become a beautiful memory, one that will never fade during the high school years of our beloved Amsers.

Author: Hoang Huyen Anh - Literature ('21 - ‘24)

Photographer: Dinh Linh Dan - Amser (‘21 - ‘25)

Interpreter: Han Ya Xian - Cambridge ('23 - '26)

Images: Provided by the organizers

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