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The Hidden Book 2023: Discover the Wild West right at the heart of Hanoi at a book fair organized by Amsers

Post by: trangtrang | 06/07/2023 | 125 reads

Organized with thoughtfulness and creativity by Ams Advisor Club - the largest academic club of the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, The Hidden Book 2023 is an ideal weekend getaway for everyone to experience a plethora of unique and attractive activities.

After a long period of enthusiastic preparation, on July 2, 2023, the Organizing Committee and Volunteers successfully held The Hidden Book 2023: Rowdy Howdy at Hanoi Children's Palace with a large number of attendees.

Making a comeback for the 7th season, youths from Ams Advisor club have been inspired by the musical adventure to the Wild West, full of excitement with the cowboy cactus to create brand new and inspiring booths.

About this year's theme, Nguyen Thu Minh - Head of The Hidden Book 2023 Organizing Committee said: "When it comes to the Wild West, we often think of an arid desert with almost nothing special. But upon setting foot on that land, we will discover dynamic melodies and colorful sounds. The same goes for books; if we just look at the covers, we will not be able to see all their values. Through this theme, the organizers hope to send a message to everyone that we should visit and feel every page of a book with our whole souls, only then will we discover the true value of that book."

Some little readers were extremely interested in a variety of books.

The book fair attracted the participation of various major publishers, such as Nha Nam Publishing House, Vietnam Women's Publishing House, Dan Tri Publishing House, etc. Therefore, at the Far Frontier bookstore, participants could not help but be impressed with the books of extremely quality but at an affordable and reasonable price.

The bookstore attracts a large number of visitors.

Besides, in the Yeehaw Land area, attractive games such as Balloon Pop, Mini Basketball, Splat The Rat, etc. successfully drew the attention of children and their parents. The fair also had a DIY stall called Boogie Woogie which is loved by many children. With interesting and creative activities, The Hidden Book created a fun and bustling atmosphere, leaving a deep impression within the hearts of its participants.

DIY stall with beautiful decorations for participants to unleash their creativity.

The game area attracted plenty of kids to join in the fun.

Having been meticulously built, the Desert Alert area has made many people “ruffle their heads” because of the mind-bending codes, but at the same time, the challenge also brings a lot of fun, laughter and relaxing moments for the teams.

Participants happily experiencing the activities at the event.

“Through a variety of games inspired by books and stories, participants will have the opportunity to learn and discuss, thereby gaining a more in-depth and multi-faceted view of the books. Moreover, The Hidden Book also aims to spread the love of books to the community and especially the young generations in the most creative and unique way,” shared by Vu Ha Van - Head of the Event Organizing Committee.

OC members and volunteers took a photo when the event ended.

Following the success of the previous 6 seasons, The Hidden Book 2023: Rowdy Howdy created an educative and meaningful playground, attracting a large number of young people in Hanoi, thereby spreading the passion for reading to the community. Stay tuned for the surprises on the next seasons! See you at The Hidden Book 2024!

Translator: Phương Hạnh Thùy Dương - English 1 2225

Image: Provided by the OC