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In the exciting and jolly atmosphere of the Mid-Autumn Festival from all over the country, the Executive Committee of the Youth Union of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School celebrated a Mid-Autumn Festival full of fun and amusement for 6th and 7th grade students on the afternoon of 7/9. This event brought students a lot of joy through exciting musical performances and thrilling games, leaving them with more wonderful memories of the holiday and of their time at school.

Mid-Autumn festival is a long-standing tradition and a time for people to get together and celebrate with their loved ones. With a view to bringing students joyous experiences while studying at our beloved Hanoi - Amsterdam High School as well as giving students cheerful memories of a meaningful Mid-Autumn festival with their friends and their teachers, the school board has organized a very special Mid-Autumn Festival.

Right from the early afternoon, the excited 6th and 7th grade students had already gathered at the Hall 700 to take their seats, and enjoy all activities of the festival. The Mid-Autumn Festival began with a gripping lion dance.

A special lion dance performance opened the ceremony

Right after that, the students were greeted by Uncle Cuoi - a symbol associated with each Mid-Autumn Festival, and experienced cultural activities and games in sequence.

Uncle Cuoi's chuckle-some interactions with students

Exciting singing and dancing performances worked up the festive atmosphere

Skillful "Fire dance" performances from artists made the students amazed

Lively juggling circus acts

After the exciting dance performance, students enthusiastically participated in the funny brain teasers that Uncle Cuoi prepared. Many hilarious answers were given, filling the audience with laughter.


The pupils enthusiastically participated in the games

The Mid-Autumn Festival ended with cordial wishes from Uncle Cuoi to all teachers and students to have a blissful Mid-Autumn holiday, as well as achieve lots of success in their studying and life.

Students received gifts from Uncle Cuoi

Like that, the get-together of the Mid-Autumn Festival ended to the delight of all Amsers in 6 and 7 grades. The Website Editorial Board hopes that there will be many more interesting occasions. We also send our best wishes to the teachers, parents, and students of the entire school for a cozy and blissful Mid-Autumn Festival.

Translator: Phương Hạnh Thùy Dương - English 1

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