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Post by: trangtrang | 07/05/2022 | 860 reads

After many days of waiting, Ngay Hoi Anh Tai 2021 had returned with the last pre -  event - Sports Day on Friday afternoon, April 29, 2022, at Ams Arena football field of Hanoi - Amsterdam high school for the Gifted. This pre-event received an enthusiastic response from Amsers from 13 classes, with uplifting excitement and eagerness everywhere on the field. 

As the annual pre-event of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai, Sports Day is always a memorable mark in every participant's hearts. As the name suggests, this is an opportunity for classes to show their agility, creativity and ingenuity to overcome difficult challenges. Sports Day is also an opportunity for specialized classes to express their solidarity, with loud cheers and vibrant colors from 13 classes.

Explosive Sports Day

At exactly 1 pm, all the classes had an extremely exciting "launch", continuously chanting their slogan with the classes’ flag waving high in the wind. 13 classes were divided into 3 groups. The opening game for the first group, which included Math, Physics, Literature, and Chinese classes, is called uFO. The players had to carry each other from the starting line to the finish line, and throw the disc over the wireframe prepared by the Organizing Committee. If they succeed, they will get a point. Although this game requires a combination of physical strength and ingenuity, the Math class had an excellent performance, finishing first in Group A with amazing results.

The English class is fired up 

The Biology class shouted out their slogan to encourage team spirit

The Literature class “play hard” with the opening game

The Math class took first place in Group A

Next, Group B, consisting of Geography, Russian, History, Biology and French classes, participated in the game JenZ Tower - a game that requires great ingenuity and agility. 2 players must hold 4 bamboo sticks and arrange them according to the Organizing Committee's request. They then have to hold 3 balls on the bamboo sticks, move quickly to the finish line and drop the ball into the bucket. With unrelenting efforts, Geography class had won the ticket to the Semi-Final round. 

The Biology class moves with certainty

The French class 

The Geography class skillfully won the game JenZ Tower

The final group in the qualifying round was Group C with Chemistry, Computer Science, Cambridge and English classes. The game for this group is called Rollin' Ballin'. Each player holds a chute and the team must continuously move to deliver a rolling ball to a barrel. The game seemed simple at first glance, but it took a lot of effort to win. The Chemistry class, with careful ingenuity and enthusiastic sportsmanship, has officially won the ticket to the Semi-Final round.

The Computer Science class won second place in this game

Chemistry class won first place in Rollin' Ballin'

The atmosphere of Sports Day was even more exciting when the cheerleaders from each class continuously chanted their own slogan. The whole football field echoed the cheers of students. The spirit and enthusiasm of every class could be felt in the air.

High spirit from the Geography class

The Literature class constantly watched and cheered for their team

The French class with unmatched spirit

Enthusiasm surges within the History class

The 2nd - placed teams in each group will continue to compete in a Playoff game called Hustle Puzzle. 3 specialized classes, Physics, Russian, and Computer Science, had an extremely intense competition with different tactics and gameplays for each class. Finally, with excellent performance, the boys from the Physics class had reached the Semi-Finals round. 

The thrilling Playoff game required good teamworks between 2 players

Flags of each class fluttering high

In the Semi Finals round, the game Red Light, Green Light made us feel like the game "Glass Bridge" of the hit movie "Squid Game" was being recreated at Ams Arena. This game proved to be more difficult than previous challenges. Besides having to find the right path and remember it correctly, they also have to be extremely skillful when hopping on the hopscotch to the finish line. Although they just finished the previous game, the Physics class had an excellent performance and became the first class to participate in the Final round. The Math class had a spectacular comeback and  win the opportunity to directly confront the Physics class in the Finals.

The Physics class was the first to win a ticket to the Finals

The Chemistry class had a very good performance

After that, the Math class rose up and made it to the Finals

Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the organizers have moved the date of the Sports Day Finals to May 6, 2022. However, the spirit of Amsers, especially the 2 Math and Physics classes, is still very high. 

In the final round, the two classes had to compete in a game called NHATiles - a very familiar puzzle game. This is a game that requires a lot of intelligence and strategy. Everyone could see the extremely tense atmosphere at Ams Arena, and it seemed that everyone was watching the performance of the 2 classes. In the end, with excellent performance, the Math classs officially won the final and became the champion of Sports Day.

The Physics classes is not scared in the decisive round

The Math class is highly focused in the final round

Math class won the final round  of Sports Day 2021

Although the weather conditions were somewhat unfavorable, from the rain that lasted non-stop during the first three rounds to the sweltering heat of the summer days on the Final day, the burning spirit of the 13 classes is something that cannot be stopped. Sports Day made solidarity even more evident, the spirits burned more brightly in each Amsers, and then that same flame is ignited again in the upcoming Finals of Ngay Hoi Anh Tai. Congratulations on the excellent performance of all 13 classes, and we hope that you will keep up the good work to make a successful NHAT 2021.

Reporter: Hoang Huyen Anh - Literature 2124

Photographer: Nguyen Mai Trang - Chemistry 2 2023

Translator: Nguyen Khanh Linh - English 2 2023