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Post by: trangtrang | 20/12/2021 | 914 reads

As the world continues to globalize and modernize, we will have to interact with many new digital platforms and also gradually access new technology. For students in this era, cultivating and improving their technology skills is extremely important. Knowing that, the National Computer Science Competition for Students has been held for 7 years. One of the contestants who deserves to be honored is Hoang Xuan Bach - a student of class 9A at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted. With his skills and knowledge, he overcame thousands of other contestants and then in the final round, Bach brought honor to the school with the first prize of the National Computer Science Competition for Student 2021. Let’s listen to the very unique story about Xuan Bach’s participation in this contest with Ams Wide Web!

Hoang Xuan Bach friend won first prize

Reporter: Have you been passionate about computer science for a long time? How long did it take you to prepare for this competition? Can you share some studying and reviewing methods before entering a national exam like this?

Xuan Bach: I started learning about computer science in the summer of 7th grade. During the long quarantine period, I felt a bit bored at home, so I started researching about it. Gradually my passion for this subject got bigger and bigger. I have deeply studied computer science since then and since 8th grade, I have joined the school's team, and I am proud to say that I have won a number of prizes such as first prize in the District Competition, and second prize in the City Competition. Before this exam, I focused more on math and didn't really focus on computer science, but with a fairly solid base knowledge, I really focused in the last two week before the exam and tried to spend a lot of time studying to get the best results.

Reporter: Were you surprised when you received the prize? Or did you predict this and you had prepared a strategy to win it?

Xuan Bach: Actually, it's not too surprising, because with the knowledge I have accumulated during the preparation process, I am quite confident. However, my score was not as I had expected, because there were a few sentences that I could have done better. But it was quite surprising when they announced I have won the top prize of the contest with such a score.

Reporter: With a large-scale competition with many talented students from all over the country like this, who did you think was your biggest opponent?

Xuan Bach: Perhaps my biggest rival is the 10th graders,  who are one year older than me and are somewhat more experienced. But it's fortunate that I have won this competition with better results than I originally planned.

Xuan Bach always maintains his confidence despite challenges

Reporter: What motivated you to try and get the best results in this exam?

Xuan Bach: First of all, it's my passion for the subject of computer science as well as the desire to conquer an exam of this magnitude. Another thing is that through research, I know that if I achieve great results in this exam, it will be an advantage for me to go to prestigious high schools in the city that I  wish to attend.

Reporter: Due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, I know that this year's contest changed its method to an online exam. Did you have any difficulties with this new form of exam? How did you overcome those obstacles?

Xuan Bach: Because the exam was held online, one problem that I had unfortunately encountered was an unstable connection. So I had some problems and was unable to take the exam at home. This is the same reason that caused my final round to be delayed. But I still tried my best to do well in this exam and was fortunate to have achieved a great result after the exam.

Reporter: Now that you have won a big competition, do you plan to enter bigger competitions or learn something new in the future?

Xuan Bach: Definitely. I will not stop trying in the future and continue to train and advance myself in this field. I dream of winning the first prize in the National Competition for Excellent Students during my high school years.

Reporter: After the competition, do you have any plan for the upcoming 10th exam?

Xuan Bach: I will try my best and study hard to have good results in the exam. I want to become a student at the High School for the Gifted of Natural Sciences, because according to my research, this is a suitable environment for me to develop my aptitude and love for computer science.

Reporter: Thank you Xuan Bach for sharing about your experience at the competition! We hope you will achieve all the goals you have set!

W. Clement Stone once said, “All personal achievement starts in the mind of the individual.”. After Xuan Bach's story, Ams Wide Web hopes that readers will always live to pursue their passion and always have a clear goal in mind. Once again, the Ams Wide Web editorial board would like to congratulate Xuan Bach on his success at the National Computer Science Competition and hope that you will attain even more brilliant achievements in future!

Reporter: Nguyen Tu Minh - Chinese 2124

Photos: Provided by Xuan Bach

Translator: Nguyen Khanh Linh - English 2 2023