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Hanoi - Amsterdam High School Union members celebrating the Red Phoenix Soldier Day

Post by: trangtrang | 21/08/2022 | 599 reads

As part of summer volunteering activities for the "Red Phoenix" operation in 2022, Hanoi - Amsterdam High School has already taken their own part in giving our volunteers a zealous summer at the Cầu Giấy district.

Since the start of June 2022, the Cầu Giấy Committee has mobilized all Union Executive Committees from different branches of the Union, high schools and CE Centers in the district to join in the volunteering operation "Red Phoenix". As of now, the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School Union Committee has carried out this volunteering operation successfully with practical, meaningful lessons and activities.

Volunteering teenagers supporting students during the 10th Grade, 6th Grade Entrance Tests and National High School Exam in 2022

Union members burning incense to commemorate heroic martys in 27/7/2022

On August 21st of 2022, in celebration of the Red Phoenix Soldier Day 2022 celebrated by the city's and the Cầu Giấy Union Committee, the Hanoi - Amsterdam High School Union hosted operation "Green summer", joined by 15 Union members from the Red Phoenix Soldier team 2022.

Red Phoenix volunteers weeding and plating flowers

They have organized activities such as cleaning, weeding, promoting a safe, clean and green school; washing the furniture, boards bookshelves and decorating classrooms to ensure high-quality facilities for teaching and studying.

Union members completing decorative props for classrooms

Union members looking after green trees in the hallways

These activities are aimed at promoting a spirit of pioneers, volunteers, of unity, hard work and creativity among the Union teenagers. Everyone will also become more aware and responsible in protecting the environment and building a friendly, clean and green school where all students can study and play safely.

The School's Union Executive Committee

Translator: Duc Lam - English 2023