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CAKES FOR CHARITY - The passion for baking and the endless charity journey of Amsers

Post by: trangtrang | 31/07/2021 | 1191 reads

Despite many obstacles from the epidemic, the “Cakes For Charity” event of Ams Baking Club had officially ended with a meaningful ending! 20 million VND raised from the event was donated to the COVID-19 Vaccine Fund on July 30.


The passion for doing good simmering from the beginning days of the club...

Under Hanoi Amsterdam High school for the Gifted, Ams Baking Club (ABC) is the first and only baking club for middle and high school students across Hanoi. Established in November 2014, with the desire to help young people with passion for baking exchange, share and learn, Ams Baking Club has officially operated for 8 years with many events like “Cakes for Charity”, “The Merry Express” and workshop, …. ABC is also a pioneer in incorporating the art of baking into community service activities and volunteer projects to spread radical values to everyone. 

Through selling pastries to raise funds for charity, ABC has always nursed the dream of spreading warmth and love in life. 

Cakes For Charity (CFC) is an annual volunteer event in the form of a fundraising event. Ams Baking Club has successfully organized 6 seasons of CFC and received enthusiastic support from young people. As high school students with passions for baking, CFC has always wanted to contribute and make a positive impact on the community with the club members' talent and enthusiasm. 

Cakes For Charity is organized with the purpose of spreading the message and meaning of volunteering through an unique and attractive fundraising event for young people. CFC wishes to become a bridge, connecting the love and enthusiasm of volunteers with those in need of help. 


The theme of CFC, “A Sugarcoated Elixir”, is full of mystery and magic!

Every season of Cakes For Charity leaves its own mark with different themes, highlighting the beauty of each pastry. Inspired by the movie “Into the Woods”, CFC 2020  had re-appeared with the theme “A Sugarcoated Elixir”, full of magic and mystery, and equally sweet. 

For a long time, fairy tales have always been embedded in everyone’s subconscious. When we were young, we often only cared about the protagonists but forgot one thing: Good and Evil always go hand in hand. Therefore, the CFC’ 20 pastries hoped to bring you back in time and meet with the villains. ABC believed that through each of those pastries, the story behind the masks named “villians” is also gradually revealed…

The beautiful and delicious cakes

To continue the tradition and purposes of Cakes For Charity, Ams Baking Club decided to mark the 7th season of CFC with a larger and more carefully invested event. CFC’ 20 with mysterious and magical colors and the menu of pastries such as Red Velvet, Brownies, Craquelin, Madeleine and black tea have really created a perfect experience.

The atmosphere throughout the event was filled with excitement and from both the ‘sellers” and the “buyers” at the end of November 2020

The events took place in the afternoon from 12:30 to 15:00 for 3 days, November 25, 27 and 28, 2020. Particularly on Wednesday 25/11 - the first day of the three - day chain of selling CFC cakes, all the members were fully present to prepare for the event that would take place at 10:30 AM after the students finished 3 classes.

This year, there was a big chance in Cakes For Charity’s booth layout compared to previous seasons. The event was held in the middle of the A-B lobby (1st floor) with a large background behind and 3 stalls. In the entrance area are 2 check-ins desks so that students can “pay” for the cake and receive a neatly designed “invoice” slip. After that, the “guests” will enter the cake booth area and receive the cake they have registered according to the instructions of the club members. During the event, the atmosphere in the main hall A-B was always very lively and filled with the laughter of students.


The check-in table is always stocked with cakes and tea for the “guests” to choose from!

Although charity activities are hindered due to the impact of the epidemic, ABC’s journey of spreading love will not stop. Faced with the complicated developments of the COVID 19 pandemic, with the desire to join hands in preventing the spread of the disease, on July 30, Ams Baking Club made a donation to the Preventative Vaccine Fund with 20.000.000 VND.

All donations are accumulated from the Cakes For Charity event that took place last year

The success of the charity event “Cakes For Charity” is not by chance. They were the efforts of the club members and the enthusiastic supports of the school, the sponsors, and especially the students. Your companionship is the biggest motivation for Ams Baking Club to constantly strive to spread the love of baking as well as continue to pursue the meaningful mission of helping others. We hope that you will always support ABC’s next events so that the club can have more meaningful and successful activities!


Reporter: Nguyen Nguyet Minh - Physics 2 2023

Translators: Nguyen Khanh Linh - English 2 2023