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Post by: trangtrang | 20/07/2022 | 662 reads

On July 16th and 17th, 2022, the hot weather in Hanoi did not reduce the enthusiasm of children of the Culinary Camp 2022. First organized by Ams Baking Club - the only culinary club of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, Culinary Camp takes the form of a culinary summer camp with the desire to spread the love of cooking to children. Throughout the event were interesting lessons, games and experiences that have brought campers not only useful knowledge but also countless unforgettable memories.

Marie Curie Inter-School (Hanoi) has been selected as the venue for the Culinary Camp: “Kitchen Escapades”. From the school yard, the corridor to the classrooms, all items are decorated eye-catchingly by the Organizing Committee before the day of the event to welcome the young campers to the magical journey ahead.

The badge set is the reward the organization committee prepared for the children after completing each lesson

Each group of campers was divided into small rooms and lived together throughout the two-day event. Here, with the thoughtful guidance of the room leaders - enthusiastic and experienced members from Ams Baking Club, the children were challenged through many activities, games and activities, earning diverse and enjoyable experiences.

Accompanying the children through each activity are dedicated roommates

Commemorative photo of room 3 after summarizing the event

Not only encapsulated in simple cooking lessons, Culinary Camp 2022 also conveys more extensive knowledge about the culinary field such as: Food Science, Food Waste, Nutrition Session - Perfect meal, Dairy products... This will help young campers get a fresher, more comprehensive view of the seemingly monotonous journey to the kitchen but full of surprises. 

Campers get to see scientific experiments on food with their own eyes

The diverse lecture format brings a new perspective on the culinary field

Besides professional lectures, practical lessons are also the highlight of Culinary Camp 2022. Here, each camper can cook or taste dishes they have never known. It can be a specialty from another country in Food Culture, or a dish made from vegan food in the Out of comfort zone.

Campers cook their own Taco in Food Culture class

Each hands-on experience is monitored and guided by club members

In particular, all activities taking place in the program aim to strengthen thinking, creativity and teamwork skills for developing children. Through two days of activities with peers, the Organizing Committee wishes to create a healthy and useful playground for children to not only study and have fun but also discover many potential qualities and abilities of their own.

Decorating Meringue Mushrooms to promote creativity

The students enthusiastically participated in the lesson

Inspired by scout culture, Culinary Camp 2022: “Kitchen Escapades” took children through a journey to find “Culinary Secrets” hidden deep in foods. The trip has officially ended with joy and radiance on the faces of each camper and left them with a wealth of knowledge and unforgettable memories. Ams Baking Club hopes that the summer camp will be a place for love and inspiration in the kitchen so that lovely campers can go further with their passion for cooking.

Reporter: Le Hoang Tue Chau - French 2124

Photo: provided by Ams Baking Club

Translator: Do Thuan An - English 1 2023