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Ams Cup 2022’s Opening Ceremony: A fiery sportsmanship on Ams Arena

Post by: trangtrang | 07/02/2023 | 291 reads

In the afternoon of 05/02, on the Ams Arena, the opening ceremony for an annual football competition at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School was carried out successfully with the participation of all the football teams, clubs, and teachers as well as the cheers from the students. Ams Cup aims to promote a thirst for sports among Amsers, while also creating a healthy playground for all to benefit, promoting the exchange of knowledge and understanding  between students and different football teams of the school.

This year’s opening ceremony of Ams Cup featured Mr. Nguyễn Văn Định - Deputy Secretary of the school’s Union, member of the OC of Ams Cup’22, member of the competition’s board of referees, representing this year’s teams as well as the guest club - Cheer Ams. The start of a riveting and exciting season was marked by Cheer Ams’s extremely fiery performance.  

Exciting performance from the club Cheer Ams

Following the performance was a solemn flag ceremony and a few opening words from Mr. Lê Duy Anh - member of the OC of Ams Cup 2022 and president of HFC (Hanoi Amsterdam Football Club). Afterwards, representatives of all football teams and the board of referees read the oaths.

Mr. Nguyễn Văn Định - Deputy Secretary of the school’s Union with his opening speeches

Ams Cup 2022 started out intensely with two matches from the 9-10 and 11-12 categories. Under very favorable weather conditions, Ams Arena was on fire from the zeal and the spirit of excellent football moves. In addition, relentless cheers from the audiences sitting at the grandstand helped excite the atmosphere of each match. After two “fiery” halves filled with unexpectable plays of the ball, the two opening matches came to a close with the score of 1 - 1 for the match between “Liêm” and “Ôm cúp đi ngủ”. For the 11-12 category match, the results were clear with a score of 2 - 1, a victory for the “Baby Flowers” team against “Bồ Lủng 9nhao”.

An intense match at Ams Arena

Moments of suspense during the matches

The opening ceremony of Ams Cup 2022 ended with cheers from the audience and some eye-catching football plays. These matches could be the sign of an interesting season to come for not only the players but also students across the school. On behalf of Ams Wide Web’s Editorial Board, we hope that this year’s season will be a smooth-sailing and memorable one for not just the football players involved but also the spectators with eyes on the matches.

Translator: Vũ Đức Lâm - English 2 2023

Image: Provided by HFC

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