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Post by: trangtrang | 25/09/2022 | 609 reads

Among the broadcast locations for the final year of “Road to Olympia”, the name of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted once again appeared thanks to the spectacular victory of Amser Vu Nguyen Son - Russian 2023. Sharing the joy of teachers and students of the whole school, Ams Wide Web will lead you through Amsers' proud journey of conquering Mount Olympia over the years.

“Road to Olympia”, an intellectual contest on television jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Training and Vietnam Television, is about to enter its 23rd year. During the past years, the program has been a renowned playground for high school students nationwide in general and students of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School in particular, to affirm their wits, knowledge and courage. So far, Amsers have always joined in the contest each year, entering the Finals four times and bringing home the laurel wreath once.

Back in 2000, the very first year the Finals of “Road to Olympia” were organized, Amser Phan Minh Chau already helped Hanoi - Amsterdam High School successfully hold one of the four broadcast locations. The contest concluded with him in 3rd place, and although he wasn’t able to bring our school a laurel wreath, mountaineer Minh Chau had opened a new era for Amsers to embark on the journey to conquer Mount Olympia.

However, it wasn't until 2010 that Amsers were once again able to have one of the broadcast locations in Ams. It was in this 11th Olympiad that Phan Minh Duc, the former Amser of Physics major, became the champion with his satisfying performance. Minh Duc brought the first laurel to the school, an event that many Amsers have been anticipating and waiting for almost a decade. From here, Minh Duc became a role model with his convincing victory, motivating many generations of Amsers to strive even harder and conquer this peak of glory.

Despite having appeared in weekly, monthly and quarterly matches, the word "destiny" would not have become true for the next 6 long years: for 6 years, Amsers were unable to repeat the glory of entering the Finals. It was not until 2016 that the broadcast sites once again had Hanoi - Amsterdam High School on the list, this time owing to a mountaineer proudly named Le Duy Bach. As a talented Chemistry Amser with a stellar academic record, many held high hopes about Duy Bach at that time. However, 2016 was still not the year Hanoi - Amsterdam High School had a second champion.

Continuing the journey of Amsers in the "Road to Olympia", a year later (2017), Physics honors Amser Pham Huy Hoang strived unremitting efforts to finally make it into the Finals. Through the difficult climbing tracks, Pham Huy Hoang finished second in the Finals. Despite not being able to repeat history, he successfully impressed the public with the bravery and intelligence of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School students.

It can be said that Amsers' journey to conquer Olympia over more than a decade must also include the times that they have made a strong impression on the public. Most especially, it is definitely impossible to miss the O20 period at the weekly match. Specifically, Geography Amser Le Minh Hoang impressed the online community of Vietnam with his “hiphop dance with lottery background music”, spreading the Amser spirit of being not only smart and courageous but also socially proactive.

This year, having made a name for himself with 170 points after spectacularly winning  the quarter IV round (last September 25th), Vu Nguyen Son (Russian 20-23) officially won a ticket to the Finals and was honored to bring to Hanoi - Amsterdam High School a name in the broadcast locations again. In the upcoming match, Nguyen Son will be competing with extremely difficult opponents, namely Dang Le Nguyen Vu (North Duyen Ha High School, Thai Binh), Vu Bui Dinh Tung (Tran Phu High School, Hai Phong) and Bui Anh Duc (Son La High School, Son La). Let’s give our hearts out to Nguyen Son for his wisdom and relentless efforts throughout the time.

The final match of the 22nd year of “Road to Olympia” will take place on October 2nd and will be broadcast live at 8:30 AM on channel VTV3, with the Hanoi broadcast location located at the Temple of Literature. Let's all watch and give our strength and hopes to Nguyen Son by typing OLPA 4 and sent it to 8069 to predict the champion of this year’s Finals!

Translator: Ngô Vũ Ngân Hà - Russian 2124

Image: Various sources