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Hanoi - Amsterdam Model United Nations

Post by: trangtrang | 30/09/2017 | 3267 reads

When participating in MUN ( Model United Nations), individuals will take on the roles of UN representatives in order to bring forth solutions to global affairs in a cooperative and developed manner.

AMUN is an annual event held by Hanoi – Amsterdam Model UN Association with the aim of bringing the MUN model closer to Ams’ students, especially those without much practical knowledge. AMUN is an opportunity for them to broaden their understanding of current events as well as improve their skills of research, debate, public speaking and critical thinking. AMUN was held on 09/23 – 24.


Delegates presenting their opinions during a committee session


Committee Chairs ( DAIS )

AMUN 2017 had 3 committee: UNICEF – UN International Children’s Emergency Fund, UNDP – UN Development Programme, UNEP – UN Environment Programme. The delegates would put forward and discuss opinions relevant to: Education for African children, Growth of genetically modified food products, etc. and come up with solutions.


UNICEF Committee

After 3 sessions with active participation from the delegates, the Chairs had chosen outstanding individuals to reward with impressive titles.

AMUN 2017 was a stepping stone for the delegates to make it further in the future. Hope that the delegates have learned from experience and become more passionate about Model United Nations. Many thanks to the managing teachers and members of HMA for helping AMUN to succeed greatly!

Reporter: Nguyen Phuong –Literature 1619

Translator: Vi Giang – Chinese 1720

Photos: AMUN Media 2017