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Post by: trangtrang | 16/07/2022 | 966 reads

Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, famous for having a long track record of admirable achievements, continues to be one of the leading units in both quantity & quality of prizes in numerous 2022-2023 school year’s competitions. continued to be an impressive school year for teachers and students from Hanoi - Amsterdam by their excellent performance at the 13th Competition to select excellent students from gifted high schools in the coastal area and the Northern Delta.

The contest is opened for students from Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Nam Dinh, Ninh Binh, Ha Nam, Thai Binh, etc. Having been taking place since 2008, this is an exam that annually attracts the attention of teachers and students from specialized high schools across the country. With the goal of exchanging with gifted high schools & discovering gifted students, the exam is held once a year with the participation of grade 10 & 11 students across the aforementioned regions.

On July 14, 2022, the contest for excellent students in the Coastal and Northern Delta was officially held at Tran Phu High School for the Gifted (Hai Phong) after two consecutive years of postponement caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Among 1884 students and more than 700 teachers in the High School for the Gifted from 42 provinces and cities across the country, Amsterdam High School for the Gifted scored impressive achievements, making an additional mark on the school's prestigious hall of fame.

Under the guidance of teacher Nguyen Hong Hai, students Luong Minh Hieu Ngoc (Chemistry 21-24) and Ngo Huy Dang Khoa (Chemistry 21-24) brought home the Gold Medal; Pham Nhat Minh (Chemistry 21-14) and Du Hoang Duong (Chemistry 20-23) secured the Silver Medal; Nguyen Trong Tan (Chemistry 20-23) and Pham Hai Phong (Chemistry 1 20-23) pride themselves on 2 Bronze Medals.


Mr. Nguyen Hong Hai and members of the Chemistry team

Along with the Chemistry team, the school's Physics team also won notable awards: 2 Gold Medals and a Bronze Medal. The team comprises Do Quynh Anh (Physics 21-24), Tran Quang Minh Duy (Physics 21-24) and Pham The Minh (Physics 21-24), all accompanied by teacher Le Manh Cuong who closely aided the students in fulfilling their goals.

Lastly, we mustn’t forget the amazing fruits reaped by the IT team. Led by teacher Nguyen Thanh Tung, Le Huy Chau (IT 20-23) and Nguyen Duc Huy (IT 20-23) excellently scored the Gold Medal; Le Tuan Hoang (IT 20-23) won the Silver Medal; Nguyen Duc Anh, Nguyen Le Hieu Van and Nguyen Hoang Dung (IT 21-24) won the Bbronze Medal.

The IT team with teacher Nguyen Thanh Tung

Other notable moments from the competition:

The Ams Wide Web reporter team would like to congratulate all the teams from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School on their excellent endeavours. Surely the efforts made by Amsers throughout this long have certainly paid off. We hope this winning streak will continue to extend everyone goes further on their chosen paths!

Reporter: Duong Tam Nhu - History 2124

Translator: Nhat Huy - English 2023