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Post by: trangtrang | 31/03/2022 | 397 reads

In the cool and revitalizing weather of late Spring, students from Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted were “back to school”, commencing face-to-face studying; joy, excitement, celebration, all hung thick in the atmosphere. Under the guidance of the Standing Board of the school Youth Union, all classes organized riveting activities with the theme “Month of the Youth”. The programme included intriguing and outstanding content with a view to improving the students’ knowledge, while propelling their initiative and creativity.

To kick start the event series for “Month of the Youth”, the school has strongly encouraged students to participate in “Vietnam Ao dai week”. Following the instruction from the Central Committee of Vietnamese Women’s Union, “Ao dai week” this year lasted from 01- 08/3, not only to celebrate the International Women Day 08/3, but also to reiterate the significance of ao dai in the context of today’s world, as well as to arouse everybody’s pride and responsibility in protecting and promoting the value of Ao dai. The Secretaries of classes have all urged students to partake with a positive attitude, and to create a happy and upbeat atmosphere online  by posting photos of themselves, their friends, or family members in Ao dai, together with the hashtag #amser and #hưởngứngtuầnlễáodàiViệtNam

Khanh Ngoc from class 10 Literature, dainty in the traditional costume

Yen Nhi from class 10 Chinese, just as lively and beautiful as the bouquet of flowers in her la

Khanh Chi from class 11 French 2 standing out in her neoclassical Ao dai.

From 09 March to 25 March, activities from the Youth Union comprise fundamental and relevant content, requiring classes to prepare assiduously and painstakingly. During this time, students, on top of diving into the history of Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union through succinct, yet informative, videos, also took part in many different games, applying what they had been taught. In order to spice up the activity regarding the history of Youth Union, many classes have incorporated the artistic element, such as singing the song of the Youth Union together, or continuing the songs related to Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union.

Class 10 Biology researching about the context in which the Youth Union was born

Class 11 Math 1 answering questions about the history of the Union

Class 12 Chinese organizing physical games.

Besides, there is an indispensable component of this month's theme: the competition “Green Studying Environment”, promoted by the school Union.

An important activity of the month is classes’ rehearsal meetings to prepare for the Admission Ceremony of new members, and the Union Congress from 26/3 to 9/4. As part of the hectic series of activities welcoming the 91th celebration of the foundation of “Ho CHi Minh Communist Youth Union”, elite youths were admitted and elected to a new executive committee. With the aim to propel the education of patriotic traditions, the revolutionary ideals of youths; and to promote the awareness about Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, about the honor of an Union member, the ceremony was held in a solemn and serious atmosphere, abiding by the process and Union’s charter. Standing before the nation’s flag, the Union’s flag, and the portrait of the great Uncle Ho, all new Union members vowed the vows to always make effort to practice and cultivate moral virtues, following the steps of our great leader Uncle Ho; proactively study, train; zestily volunteer, stay united to hold aloft the youth’s glorious flag on the battlefield of constructing modern metropolis, contributing to the building a prosperous and fulfilled of the nation in general, and Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the gifted to be specific. The practice of boosting the admission and nourishment of new Union members is a consequential part in the task of enhancing the Union, ensuring the stability of Vietnamese youths’ organization. Here are a number of numbers provided by classes:

Class 10 English 2 during their rehearsal meeting for the Admission Ceremony and preparation for the Union Congress

Class 11 Chemistry 1 commencing their ceremony

Class 10 Informatics voting for their new Union executive committee 

Class 11 Chemistry 1 commending Union members who partook in the “Poinciana Volunteer team 2021” to supporting the examination period

Given the strengths of the new generation of Union members in the new era, Answers, boiling with the stoicism and determination of the flamboyant young generation, will be the next generation who continue to uphold the traditions of the organisation, the revolutionary history of our nation, and the next writers who elaborate on the country’s glorious and sonorous history. They deserve the title “The Ho Chi Minh generation of youths”. With this, the theme of activities for Youth Union during March came to a fulfilled and successful end!

Journalist: Nguyen Tu Minh- Chinese 2124

Translator: Le Trung Kien - English 2023