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Thoughts from Ams’ Got Talent XV winner: “Tội" - the teenage boys and girls of unforgettable youth

Post by: trangtrang | 18/03/2023 | 229 reads

On the night of the Ams' Got Talent Gala season 15 - Erlebnisse, “Tội" from Glee Ams was named the winner. With impressive vocals and smooth collaboration between musical instruments, “Tội” recreated the story of a sweet teenage love which left a deep impression in the hearts of the panel of judges and the audience. Join Ams Wide Web as we listen to the thoughts and feelings on this day by Pham Khanh Linh - a member of “Tội”!

Reporter: Hello Khanh Linh! First of all, congratulations to “Tội” for winning Ams' Got Talent season XV and thank you for taking the time to chat with Ams Wide Web. So, when you were named the winner, how did you and your club members react?

Khanh Linh: Actually, this is the first time Glee has received such a high prize, so when first place was announced, the group's first reaction was astonishment, followed by excitement and pride. Everyone pitched in to compose the script, write the lines, put up the LED lights, set up the stage, and design the costumes. As a result, when our story was brought to the stage and appreciated by all, our group bursted into tears, and it seemed like all our effort had finally paid off.

The performance from “Tội”

Reporter: You and the team must have put in a lot of effort and practice to achieve such a noble success. So, could you tell me more about the challenges your team had faced while preparing for the competition?

Khanh Linh: Since this was the first time we came up with a plot for such a long and complex show, the most difficult part for me was when we got together to write the script. We had to discuss several times to come up with a compelling performance that included everything from the music to the plot to the graphics while also showcasing everyone's various skills. Yet, in the end, we were able to overcome all of those challenges and deliver an outstanding performance on stage.

Reporter: Can you share an unforgettable moment from this season of Ams’ Got Talent with your team?

Khanh Linh: I'd like to share my most incredible memory: when the judges shared their remarks and one of them sang “Có chàng trai viết lên cây” (There was a guy who on a tree wrote), everyone was in tears and felt very happy, since our performances had been highly appreciated and praised. Furthermore, it is because we have introduced art so that the audience can genuinely feel it. That's what made me personally most happy in this Ams' Got Talent season.

Reporter: What prompted your group to use school age love as the main inspiration for your performance?

Khanh Linh: We wanted to show teenage love in the performance because it is a memory that everyone has, is, and will have throughout these three years of youth, a pure and treasured emotion that is easy to explain and relate to everyone. That’s how we came up with the idea. We built a plot inspired by the film “Mắt Biếc” (Dreamy Eyes) to recapture the emotions of school-age love.

The reminiscent school love brought back by the performance of "Tội"

Reporter: Finally, can you reveal some of the group's upcoming plans and say a few words to everyone?

Khanh Linh: As for the upcoming plans, our group hasn't yet prepared for any events, but I hope that the following Glee Ams generations will follow in our footsteps, and these new members will use this victory as a motivation for the following year. Hopefully, Glee will continue to be seen on the Ams' Got Talent stage in the future years to come. 

Once again, we appreciate Khanh Linh's time and effort for chatting with Ams Wide Web today. Ams Wide Web’s Editorial Board hopes Glee Ams Club continues to develop and enjoys further success. May the Ams' Got Talent stage in the upcoming seasons be even more spectacular with outstanding performances!

Translator: Trần Lê Tuệ Anh - English 1 2225

Image: Provided by Ams' Got Talent

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