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Post by: trangtrang | 06/05/2022 | 314 reads

Granted the approbation of the Party Committee, the school Management Board, and the Executive Board of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the gifted, the Teachers’ Union have successfully and ceremoniously hosted the Union Congress for the term 2022 - 2025, on the 4th of May, 2022. The conference played an important part in executing the plans for the school year 2021 - 2022.

The congress aimed to appraise and conclude the Union’s activities in the last term by pointing out the strengths and weaknesses; and by analyzing all the factors, accomplishments and limitations. Based on these assessments, directions, principles and duties for the next term were then issued. The Congress also successfully conducted the election for the Executive Committee for the Union for term 2022 - 2025.

The Union members for the school year 2021 - 2022

At the congress, the Union President delivered a report on the Union’s achievements for the term 2019-2021, and the operational principles for the term 2022 - 2025.The report highlighted the achievements acquired, whilst clearly outlining the advantages and disadvantages encountered in the last term, from which the Executive Committee established goals and operational convention for the upcoming term.

The Union President delivering the report, concluding the operation for the term 2019-2021 and establishing the operational convention for the term 2022 - 2025

Based on the goals proposed by the Union Executive Committee for the new term, the Union has held fruitful discussions concerning the development of principles and tasks for 2022 - 2025. The Union members had the opportunity to listen and follow up with erudite discussions about Mr Nguyen Duc Nghia’s highly relevant lecture on the topic "Effective online teaching methods, diversification of present learning avenues, especially placed in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak”. Equally importantly, the Union also had conducive colloquies about Ms Pham Thi Thu Ha’s passionate lecture on “Methodologies to promote collectivism within the Teachers’ Union”, which met with positive and constructive feedback from all the attendants.

Ms Pham Thi Thu Ha presenting the lecture during the congress

Representing the Executive Committee of Union for the term 2019 - 2021, Ms Pham Ngoc Lan - Secretary of the Teachers' Union - presented “Project on building the Executive Committee of the Teachers' Union” for the term 2022 - 2025, prepared by the 2019 - 2021 Executive Committee. The project featured the goal to build an Executive Committee constituted by politically strong-willed and morally capable members with competency, abilities and prestige. Solidarity and principle-action consistency, bespeaking the youths’ wills and deeds, are also expected from the members in order to lead the Union to the auspicious completion of the Youth movements, as well as the tasks and programmes outlined by the school. 

In a democratic atmosphere and a dedicating spirits, the congress has successfully elected the Executive Committee for the term 2022 - 2025, including nine members in total: Ms. Tran My Linh, Ms. Dang Thanh Ngoc, Ms. Nguyen Ngoc Diep Chi, Mr. Nguyen Duc Nghia, Ms. Pham Phuong Linh, Ms. Tran Huyen Trang, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Tung, Ms. Pham Thi Thu Ha, and Ms. Ta Thu Trang. On behalf of the freshly elected Executive Committee for the Teachers’ Union, Mr Nguyen Duc Nghia delivered his sincere gratitude to other members of the Union, and also pledged to stay resilient, together with the entire Union, to make collective efforts striving for the objectives already set for the forthcoming term.

The Executive Committee of the Teachers’ Union for the term 2022 - 2025

Following a period of expeditious and sobering preparations, the Teacher’s Union Congress for the term 2022 - 2025 had been carried off with great success. With vehement confidence and expectations in the juvenile spirits of this new term, we would like to wish the Union all the best in continuing the current efforts, thereby further promoting all the achievements already amassed; as well as bringing the Union’s activities, specifically speaking, and the school’s activities, generally speaking, to even greater heights!

Ms Dinh Thuy Linh - Literature Department

Translator: Le Trung Kien - English 2023