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Science exhibition Science Tornado 2021 - Paragon: The mysterious adventure into the Science Wonderland attracting up to 2000 participants

Post by: trangtrang | 18/04/2022 | 691 reads

The science exhibition event “Science Tornado 2021: Paragon - Dazzling diamond in night sky” took place at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted on Saturday, April 16th, 2022 with the participation of almost 2000 people. This is the ideal destination for a cool afternoon for anybody with an interest in Science.

About the event

Science Tornado is the first Science exhibition and is hosted by the Society of Open Science Club, the largest Science club under the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Corps of Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, founded in 2012.

The organizing committee of Science Tornado 2021

After seven years of successful hosting that attracted hundreds, thousands of children, students, and parents, Science Tornado has returned to its eighth season this year, continuing its mission of spreading the love for Science, creating a new playground where people who are passionate about this field have the opportunity to interact, learn from each other, and spread that passion to the community.


Pre-event of Science Tornado 2021 - Science Tour 2021:

Science Tornado 2021 is a series of non-profit scientific events, including a large number of pre-events and a main exhibition hosted by Society of Open Science Club of Hanoi – Amsterdam High School for the Gifted, with the aim to give participants a more comprehensive view of Science—a seemingly boring subject that is actually extremely informative and interesting.

Students excited with the experiments at Science Tour

Prior to the main exhibition on Saturday, Science Tornado went through the Science Tour pre-event,  with seven experimental demonstrations at elementary and secondary schools across Hanoi, attracting more than 1,000 children.


Main exhibition - Science Tornado 2021: Paragon

Recently, the Science Exhibition with the theme “Paragon” took place at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted on Saturday, April 16, 2022, after a period of delay due to COVID-19 pandemic.

For the 8th anniversary of Science Tornado's operation, the event consists of 8 zones with 8 activities, 8 different themes on Mechanism, Gas, Electricity, Magnet, DIY, Science Board Game, Outdoor Experimental Zone and Hightech Zone.

Each booth in the exhibition is named after different types of gemstone, creating the uniquity of the event, while closely adhering to the theme of Paragon: The diamond that sparks under the dark night sky. As in the Aquamarine zone, numerous experiments have been demonstrated with water; or in the Obsidian zone, visitors can enjoy a variety of colourful and distinctive experiments of fire and heat.

The event had attracted large numbers of students as well as parents

What's unique about Science Tornado this year is the Outdoor Experiment Zone and the Hightech Zone. This is an opportunity for participants to experience high-tech products as well as to immerse themselves in scientific activities in an open outdoor space.

The outdoor experiment zone attracted a large number of visitors.

Let's take a look at some of the exhibits and experiments with reporters from Ams Wide Web!

“Fire without lighter” experiment

“Periscope” experiment

“Coke - Butane” experiment

At the booths, participants had the opportunity to interact directly with the experiments, ask and get answers to questions they have been curious about. It's an opportunity for visitors to “Touch Science," to be immersed in things they could only see on books or on the Internet.

Exciting fire hand - one of the familiar experiments at each Science Tornado season

Enthusiastic visitors interacting with the experiments.

The 2021 Science Tornado exhibition also presented art space to viewers during the opening, break, and closing times through collaboration with HSGS Art Club, Chu The Medley, and Ribbon Band.

Chu The Medley Club with their distinctive performance

HSGS Art Club

Ribbon-Band from Chu Van An High School

Nguyen Duc Khai, head of the 2021 Science Tornado organizing committee, said, "Despite the fact that the event had been delayed for half a year due to the complicated epidemic, we are happy that the exhibition is held today. We are very proud of the meaningful activities we are doing and the solidarity of the organizing committee when we decided to hold the exhibition at all costs. Everything in the preparation process of the event, from planning the activities, decorating, to media invitations and sponsorship, we, the Society of Open Science, did them all by ourselves."

In the end, Science Tornado 2021 went well. In line with our slogan "Science is not just for a specific subject," Science Tornado brought science closer to people. However, every journey will have its end. See you at Science Tornado 2022!

Writing Reporter: Nguyen Lan Huong - History 2023

Photographer: Kieu Quang Minh - Physics 1 2023