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MOCK TRIAL 2022: The gripping and engaging debate in a mock trial by Puzzles Ams

Post by: trangtrang | 21/02/2023 | 283 reads

Mock Trial, an annual event organized by Puzzle Ams, has returned to kick off the club's exciting 2022-2023 term. The event includes a simulation of a mock Western court with judges, jurors, lawyers, and witnesses, promising a realistic experience for everyone involved.

The organizers - Puzzles Ams

To mark the 9th anniversary of successful Mock Trials, on the 5th of September, 2023, Mock Trial returned after months of careful training and preparation. The event was attended by nearly 200 students from different schools in every corner of the Capital city of Hanoi.

The observers enthusiastically watching the trial

The story of Mock Trial was as follows: A big fire broke out in the city center at night at a university, where a school reunion for alumni took place until it went up in flames, at which time everyone at the SCU was informed of the fire. Sergeant Morgan Hatfield of the Police Department was in charge of the case and arrested Casey Murphy for arson. In the recorded interview, Casey admitted his guilt, though he later stated that it was a confession made under duress from Morgan.

The delicious pastries meticulously prepared for the audience members.

In Mock Trial, four members of the Content department at Puzzle Ams were chosen to play the Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors, with two people on each side. The teams then took turns presenting and defending their cases to either convict or acquit the defendant in the story. The Jury consisting of 12 members from different Debate Teams in Hanoi's High Schools for the Gifted judged the teams and announced the results. The event successfully took place under the management of Đoàn Trang Anh -a talented judge who has worked on Mock Trial for many years.

The Jurors attentively observing and judging the speakers' turns

After summing up the convincing and powerful arguments from both teams, the trial officially came to an end with a win for the Defense team, a 8-4 ratio from the Jury. On behalf of the Jury, Phan Khánh Linh stated: “The Defense put forward more arguments and made a more convincing case, even when faced with many cutting accusations from the Prosecution.” Phạm Bảo Anh from the Defense also gained the audience's favor, as shown by the title of “Best Speaker” that she earned. 

The Defendant - also the protagonist of the case

Mock Trial ended after giving its participants a captivating affair and striking emotions. The event benefited from the experience and passion gained from past generations' organization, promising bigger surprises and novelty in Puzzles Ams' upcoming events. Let's keep an eye out for that!

The President of Puzzles Ams, Hoàng Anh Minh, awarding certificates and gifts to the Defense and Prosecution

On behalf of Ams Wide Web's editorial board, congratulations to Puzzles Ams and Mock Trial for another successful year! We hope that your upcoming events will achieve even more success!

Translator: Phan Khánh An - English 1 2225

Image: Provided by Puzzles Ams