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The explosive performance of Cam Ca on the stage at the Hanoi High School Students Bands Festival 2023

Post by: trangtrang | 03/04/2023 | 587 reads

On the 30th of March, 12 talented groups, 12 personalities, and 12 explosive performances set the stage of Hall 700 at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School ablaze. It was the last day of the first round of the 2023 Hanoi High School Students Bands Festival, with musical talents stirring up an exciting atmosphere. The whole hall was immersed in the wonderland of music and the echoes of youth.

Talented young vocalists from different high schools across Hanoi gathered here to share and learn from each other in a brand-new art playground. Accompanying them to the Hall 700 concert was a dazzling musical marked by an extravaganza of songs. The hall transformed into a true auditorium with the presence of bands and students from various high schools as well as many household names in the music industry.

The third day of the Festival started with a cheerful and wholesome song performed with different ethnic musical instruments. Standing on that stage were no longer high school bands but real artists commanding their own shows.

Representing Hanoi - Amsterdam High School at this year’s festival, the Cam Ca band held the eighth performance of the “home team”. Cam Ca received great enthusiasm and rounds of applause not only from the left wing of the stage where Ams students sat but also from other high school students in the audience. The applause aided the band’s confidence, boosted their competitiveness, and enlivened the fiery Festival.

Cam Ca had a very different way of rocking the stage. The melodious music was brought to life by a harmony of ethnic musical instruments, ranging from the clarion flute to the euphonic zither. When a particularly familiar melody was played, Cam Ca vocalized immense pride within a song without words, guiding the entire hall back to a sense of national pride in their hearts. Being a Vietnamese folk song, “Trong com” (Rice drú) — a Quan ho song characteristic of the Bac Ninh province and an integral part of Vietnamese people’s spiritual life, the band’s performance deeply moved their audience. True artists from Hanoi Amsterdam High School showed their talents and passions to every listener, thus fulfilling their mission to bring traditional instruments closer to everyone. 

The Hanoi High School Students Bands Festival closed the curtains in the fading of lights, music and voices. May the Cam Ca band move on to the next round and achieve great success in new areas of music for our school, like how they did in this Festival.

Translator: Trần Linh Ngân - English 2 2124

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