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Post by: trangtrang | 08/07/2022 | 591 reads

Implementing the campaign “The phoenix blossom volunteers - energy for the exam season” of the Cau Giay District Youth Union in this year’s National High School Examination, the Youth Union of Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the gifted received the service of 45 Youth Union members, assisted by 20 other volunteers from Banking Academy, throughout five different shifts. During their two stressful days swamped with examinations (7/7 - 8/7/2022), it was the volunteers’ dedicated and enthusiastic support that played a part in empowering the candidates to finish the papers to the best of their ability.

The campaign “The phoenix blossom volunteers - energy for the exam season” is an annual activity initiated by Cau Giay District Youth Union with a view to urging high school students and Youth Union members to radiate the spirits of proactiveness and service, as well as of mutual support and communal responsibility. Aiming to provide young people with a meaningful and exciting summer, this activity is greatly popular among the Youth Union members of Hanoi Amsterdam High School for the Gifted every summer.

The volunteers during Phase 3, Shift 1 from Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the gifted

Intriguing slogans prepared by the volunteers

Unfortunately, this year’s National High School Examination witnessed slightly unfavorable weather conditions: Several days were scorching, whilst others were caught in long-lasting downpours. Nevertheless, the volunteer team, in their outstanding blue uniforms, never failed to show up and were always by the candidates’ side to provide the best support possible. Early in the morning, the entire supporting team were already present to promptly distribute necessary items, usher candidates to their examination venues, help parents to park their vehicles, and direct the flow of traffic to avoid unwanted jams. All our “blue-shirt soldiers” were serious and unfaltering in implementing the Covid preventive measures to ensure the candidates’ welfare. Thanks to the support devoted by the volunteer team, the National Examination was successfully hosted at Hanoi-Amsterdam High School for the gifted without any snags.

The phoenix blossom volunteers zealously handing out beverages to candidates before the examination

Despite having the choice of staying at home for their summer vacation, the Youth Union members opted for community work, come rain or shine, to support candidates in accomplishing one of the most important examinations during their school years. This is an invaluable and unparalleled spirit to be emulated by all generations of the Youth Union.

A “Phoenix Blossom Volunteer'' participating in the campaign for the second year, Nguyen Thuy Van from class 11 Oxford has had thought-provoking sharing: “First of all, I joined the movement because Amsers have always been very active when it comes to community work, and I want to lend a hand also. Besides, I think this is such a fun activity as I got to know more people, and also to spend my time more effectively and meaningfully. Next year, I will be coming as a candidate instead of a volunteer already, so I have high hopes of receiving equally enthusiastic support from the team as well!”

Nguyen Thuy Van - class 11 Oxford, dainty in her blue uniform for volunteers

The 2022 National Examination, though extremely tough, has officially come to a fulfilled end, in which the blue-shirt volunteer team has been a key factor. We have high hopes that the “The phoenix blossom volunteers - energy for the exam season” campaign will continue to promote its appreciable values in the year to come and attract the participation of local Youth Union members and young people. Finally, the production department from Ams Wide Web would also like to wish the 2004 candidates all the best, to pass your exams with flying colors and to succeed even more in life in the future!

Journalist: Tran Quynh Anh - Literature 2124

Photographer: Dinh Linh Dan - Amser 2226

Translator: Le Trung Kien - English 2023