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With a special love for Chemistry, Nguyen Le Thao Anh—a 12th-grader at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted (Hanoi)—affirms that her passion for this subject is ever-burning, as she aims to improve community health.

Winning the esteemed gold medal

Nguyen Le Thao Anh is one of three Vietnamese contestants to win a Gold Medal of the International Chemistry Olympiad 2021 (IChO). For Thao Anh, August 2nd, 2021 was a unique day—the day on which she burst with happiness and pride.

“I remember turning on the airplane mode since the afternoon because of my anxiety. Only after the results were announced did I stop worrying and turn on the phone to share the joy with everyone. Right now, I still feel lightheaded with content and delight for the results that I and the Vietnamese team have achieved at this year’s contest.” —Thao Anh expressed.

Chân dung “cô gái vàng” Hóa học giành Huy chương Vàng

A portrait of the “Golden girl” in Chemistry won the Gold Medal of IChO 2021. Source: NVCC

The IChO 2021 competition was hosted by Japan and held in Osaka city. This year was the second time for the exam to be online, so they carried out an extremely intensive preparation. Right from the analysing process, IChO 2021 had received high praises for radically integrating “hot” studies of the Japanese Chemistry field into the test.

“The exam presented 9 problems to solve in 5 hours, each of which required the contestants to understand the idea after processing data. So, I just kept thinking without having the time to check my progress. 

Because this year’s questions were quite long and difficult compared to other years, I was not entirely confident after finishing it. But fortunately, the team and I got good results.” —Thao Anh shared.

A familiar face in international awards

Before becoming the “Golden girl” in the Chemistry field, Nguyen Le Thao Anh was renowned for her achievements in other subjects, especially the social sector. When she was a secondary school student at Hanoi - Amsterdam High School for the Gifted (Hanoi), Thao Anh regularly participated in national and international competitions.

She had taken part in city-levelled competitions in History as well as national competitions in Chemistry. Thao Anh also achieved a score of 8.0 in IELTS, the maximum SAT 2 score of 1600/1600, etc. In the long list of international awards, Thao Anh impressed many people with the individual Gold Medal of the 15th International Junior Science Olympiad, individual Gold Medal at the 5th International Olympiad of Metropolises, etc.


Nguyen Le Thao Anh is famous for her “terrific” academic achievements. Source: NVCC

About her fateful encounter with advanced Chemistry, Thao Anh said that her first Chemistry lessons coincided with when concerns about her high school future were overflooding.

“My father has a PhD in Mathematics, so I intended to specialise in Maths. But after the sorting exam at Amsterdam School, I asked myself, is studying Maths the most suitable path for me? And to find the answer, I tried out many other subjects, including Chemistry.” —Thao Anh said.

Aspirations and ambitions for public contribution

Recalling when she started studying Chemistry, Thao Anh described being inspired by Ms Nguyen Thi Hong—her first Chemistry teacher—as a stroke of luck. It was Ms Hong who enkindled in her a burning passion for Chemistry and prolonged her love of the subject to this day.

“Cô gái vàng” Hóa học khát khao cống hiến vì sức khỏe cộng đồng. Ảnh: NVCC

Chemistry’s “Golden girl” devotes herself to community health. Photo: NVCC

With her love, infatuation and attachment to Chemistry, Thao Anh’s fixation for this subject has never dwindled. In fact, her passion is now burning brighter than ever to help improve community health with her knowledge.

“In the past few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has turned everyone’s life upside down, claiming the lives of many people. The current epidemic situation has been a significant incentive for me to study and research. That way, my knowledge can play a role in strengthening public health.” —stated Thao Anh.

Currently, the “Golden girl” of Chemistry is weighing her options for attending university in Vietnam. She intends to apply for Hanoi University of Pharmacy or the University of Science. Given her experiences, Thao Anh believes she still has a lot to learn in the future to achieve her goals.

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